Orange Conference 2011: Breakouts with Kendra Fleming

There are lots of blogs out there I can say that Kendra’s is one of my favorites. She is so intensely practical I read her blog and I can actually feel my leadership growing. I have been to her breakouts every year and every year her breakouts are among my favorite.

This year I took two of Kendra’s breakouts here are some of the things that stand out to me.

How to Evaluate your weekly programming.

1. You as the leader have to welcome and create an environment where evaluation is welcomed.
2. Create an action plan. Evaluation without action steps is hurtful and personal
3. Use evaluation to refine your vision and message and make it more clear to those you lead
4. Churches who do not create a culture of evaluation eventually die off.

Attract and motivate volunteers

1. We are initially attracted to things that are visually appealing. Branding matters!
2. We are naturally attracted to excellence
3. We are increasingly attracted to things that are celebrated.
4. We are relationally attracted to Dynamic Communities.
5. We are selfishly attracted to things that involve personal benefit.
6. We are helplessly attracted to things that are fun.
7. We are ultimately attracted to leaders and organizations with integrity.

Orange Conference: MinisterSearch

A Big thanks to Minister Search for sponsoring the 2011 Bloggers lounge. If you are looking for a new position make sure you check them out here are a few things about MinisterSearch ( )

·         Through a very in-depth process, they connect ministries with ministry leaders

·         After doing this for more than a decade now, they’ve learned how important it is to make sure churches and pastors know as much as possible about each other to insure longevity and effectiveness in ministry

·         They prayerfully guide churches and candidates through the process of learning about each other believing that’s the best way to discern the leading of God through the process

Their website is


Orange Conference 2011: Meet Rob Bradbury

I have always admired Rob from a distance Rob is amazing, he is handsdown one of the most creative, innovative, techo-advanced kids pastors out there. Here is what I learned by spending some time with him. His passion for kids goes beyond the kids that come to his church. His passion for the church goes beyond his own church and extends to the church across the globe. His passion for leadership reaches further than he realizes.

We had an amazing conversation that spanned the gamut from our families, to social justice, the Holy Spirit, Curriculum, to the power of the gospel in the lives of the kids we serve. I absolutely love how God speaks the same things to people across the globe and it is expressed through their culture and personality differently because God loves people and will do anything to reach them. Love Rob’s heart

I left our conversation more passionate about Christ, filled with more hope and trust in who Christ is. That my friends is worth the price of admission.

One of the things that is amazing to me about Orange is the variety of people who attend. If you on the fence about attending get off and come next year.

If you want to know more about Rob Bradbury go check out his site. I can’t say enough about Rob he is a General, a leader of leaders, and someone you need to be following and learning from. I am looking forward to keeping in touch and learning from Rob for years to come.



Orange Conference 2011: Road Trip with Brother Jim

Tuesday instead of flying into Atlanta I flew into Nashville and road tripped it to Atlanta with brother Jim. Some of the things I learned on my trip.

1. The drive from Nashville to Atlanta is beautiful


2. People in the south love them some Fireworks. In the south their are like firework malls in New York we need a permit to buy a sparkler

3. Manchester TN has some scary gas station

4. If you want your kids to be close you have to be intentional, flexible and strict. Jim and Julie Wideman are some of the most God Fearing, People Loving, Church building people I know and I am a better person because the Wideman family is in my life

Orange, Planes, and Automobiles

I am in an airport waiting to board thinking about the week to come. I am getting crazy excited. (I’m blogging from my phone so I’ll try and keep it short)

Here’s what I am pumped about.

1. Road tripping it with Jim Wideman and his better half. I am flying into Nashville and driving with the Wideman’s to Orange. Any time with Brother Jim is time well spent.

2. Meeting Rob Bradberry. If you don’t know him you need to he is massively creative and has been doing kidmin for years can’t wait to pick his brain.

3. Connect with old friends and make new ones. I’ll be in the bloggers lounge come on up get a free coffee and say hi I’ld love to meet you.

4. Hear my boys Kenny and Matt do their breakouts. If you didn’t sign up for their breakouts try and sneak in you’ll be glad you did.

See ya there!