Thanksgiving is more than a holiday


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I am not a massive foodie. Don’t get me wrong I like family meals together not so much because I like food but because I love family. Between the Christmas Creep and the Black Friday Seep I think many of us have forgotten that giving thanks is more than a holiday is an act of our will. It’s the result of a heart that is regenerated.

Are you a curious leader or a fearful leader?

I am reading a book about leading teams this chapter on fear vs. curiosity got me thinking about how I lead and the importance of staying curious as a leader.

We often coach two very different kinds of leaders. The first is not curious and, I would say, is often driven by fear. Whenever observations and feedback are given, the uncurious leader responds with defensiveness and rationalizations. With these leaders there are no questions, only hurt silence, quiet passivity, or statements designed to protect themselves.

The second type of leader is curious. These leaders respond from a position of wanting to gather information and trying to understand. Whether it is negative feedback, a missed opportunity, or the future direction of the organization, this leader is interested and inquisitive, wondering not if this will be solved, but how.

So what is the connection between curiosity and fear? It seems that when one increases, the other decreases. Perhaps it is not a lack of curiosity that makes us fearful, but fear that prevents us from being curious. Or maybe it’s the other way around. The good news is that without solving the riddle of the chicken and the egg, I think we can tackle it from either end.

Fear produces poor leadership and poor leadership produces bad organizations.

Here are some questions I am asking my self to make sure I am not leading out of fear.

1. Am I asking more questions than I am answering?
2. Am I looking for input or vaildation?
3. Am I willing to take risks that will make me look foolish?
4. Do I filter ideas by thinking if this will get me in trouble or fired?
5. Am I approachable?
6. Can my team say anything to me without fear of reprisal from me?
7. Do I still find joy in the simple things?
8. Am I always looking for a better way to do something that works?
9. Am I empowering others to lead and giving them the space to fail so they can succeed?

Don’t lead out of fear. There are far to many leaders in to many churches that do this. We call it by other names but it’s core is fear. Lead couragously lead curiously. Build a team, take the blame share the glory.


If I win you win!

Here’s the deal the good folks at Zonervan are doing a REtweet contest. They are giving away four copies of The Jesus Storybook Bible curriculum. I only need one copy for our church so if I win you win. Even if you don’t use the curriculum you will get 44 videos one for each story they are incredible.

How I’ll do this contest for an amazing resource is the 3 people who RT the following tweet the most will win a copy if I do.

RT @samluce Zonderkidz is releasing a new amazing resource based on The Jesus Storybook Bible #jsbcurriculum”

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Big News From K! Magazine.

I love K! magazine. I have been a subscriber for 3 years and a contributing editor 2 years now. Every time we meet on the phone to discuss future magazine layouts I always feel that I get more out of the conversation that I add, and every time I get my copy of the magazine I feel I get more out of it than I add to it. I feel blessed to be a part of something that helps to build the kingdom in our church and beyond.

One of the things I appreciate about Ryan and his team is they are so open to input and are always looking for ways to innovate. Which is why I am writing this post. Starting with the Sept/Oct issue of K! Magazine, subscribers to K Magazine will begin receiving a free e-version of the magazine! This e-magazine can be read on any mobile device with a web browser! So, when you purchase an annual subscription to K! Magazine (less than 20 bucks a year) you will receive as a free bonus an e-version of the magazine!

I am pumped about this because I have been doing a load more reading on my iPad and the layout and articles look fantastic digitally. So if you are still old school and you like an actual Magazine (nothing wrong with that) you will still get your magazine like normal but as a subscriber to K! you will get the added bonus of a digital copy.

If you are interested in seeing a digital copy check out the current leadership issue it’s packed with great articles from Jim Wideman to Greg Baird.

If you are not a current subscriber you need to be head over to Kidzmatter and sign up now.

Lastly but far from leastly – I am giving away 5 count them 5 year long subsriptions to K! Magazine to win tweet the following.

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YouTube Friday: Father's day and TED talks

This sunday is fathers day. Happy fathers out there in bloggy land. I hope every dad out there realizes how big what you do is. I was watching a TED talk the other day and the guy giving the talk was recounting a near death experience he had and the thoughts he was thinking. As he was quickly thinking about his life he wasn’t thinking about money, promotions or twitter followers he was thinking of his family. Dad’s never let the important stuff in life keep you from the really important stuff.