What Should Dating In High School Look Like?

In my previous post, I said I believe kids should date in high school for many reasons, chief among my reasoning being:

“I am convinced that our kids need to learn the art of friend-making and friend-keeping. They need to learn to have a conversation, with someone of the opposite sex because should they get married, they will need to be talking to their spouse daily. The time in high school should not be dominated by serious exclusive relationships but should be a time, where with the help of loving adults, our kids learn how to be good friends.”

So what does that look like practically?

Rather than give you a checklist to follow I thought I would discuss principles that should be informing the details you choose to embrace.
Friendship is a learned behavior.

In high school, students should learn to be good friends. Friend making and keeping is a life skill that trumps STEM knowledge every time. Friendship is different than sexual or familial love in that it is technically unnecessary biologically speaking. It is, however, a foundational skill for both marriage and family.

3 relationships every Leader needs: A Friend


Three relationships every Leader needs:

I don’t know how it started or where this leadership concept came from but it is one of the most deadly ones because it appeals to our sense of doing what’s best for the company or church. The idea that as a leader you can’t or shouldn’t have close friends is not only absurd it’s downright dangerous.

CD release Tuesday.

A couple of my very talented friends have new CD’s out.

The first one is from a good friend of mine who actually grew up in my kids ministry he and his family are a big part of our church. Shaun is a gifted songwriter and did an amazing job on his début album. It’s called “The Greatest Days” check him out on Spotify or buy his album here.

The next CD is the Christmas Hillsong CD the whole thing is fantastic but my good friend Nathan Finochio wrote a song on it that is just brilliant. I have know Nathan since he was a teenager and my wife used to babysit him and his brother. Nathan is an amazing artist and quite possibly one of the funniest guys I have ever met but he is not just funny he is a great friend and a deep thinker Nathan and his brother Gabe are the best.  You can get their CD here.


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Retro Post: Don't be a nerd!

(Yesterday I did a post about why kids pastors are so lame and that blog post actually lead to an article for K! magazine. Here is my post about it with the link for the K! magazine article.)

One of my passions in kids ministry is trying to reach kids in unique ways. I have always been amazed how some Kids pastors are stuck doing things the same way they always have. I think that is pretty lame. So Ryan Frank and Jim Wideman were gracious enough to ask me to write an article about why kids pastors are so lame.

I since had someone tell me that their youth pastor friends call kids pastors “Fannie Packers”. That my friends is not helpful in helping young people connect with children’s ministry and want to be kids pastors.

In my article I talked about things that can help us as kids pastors avoid being lame. Here are the main points from my article. To read the whole thing subscribe to K! or read the online digital version.

1. We tend to get stuck on what works instead of what’s effective.

2. We lead apologetically

3. We compete with Youth Pastors.

4. We compare ourselves to the wrong things.

5. We cheat sometimes because we think the kids won’t notice.

K! Mag is anything but lame it has great articles laid out in an amazing fashion. Make sure you sign up for a subscription if you are not ready to commit here is a link to a digital version.

I hope you enjoy the article and subscribe to K! magazine if you haven’t already.