The gospel and our feelings


Americans love the New Testament Jesus. I have read many blog posts over the past few weeks that talk about feelings, that paint Jesus as this hippie that talks about love all the time, unlike his grumpy dad who kills everyone in the Old Testament. The Old Man is harsh and Jesus is squishy and awesome. It just feels right. The problem with so many Christians is our reaction to legalistic judgmentalism isn’t to turn to Christ, who is both Just and Justifer instead we end up falling on the other side of the horse to squishy liberal theology of feelings.

Sally Lloyd-Jones on Christian worldview for kids



“Try Grammarly’s plagiarism checker free of charge because as I have famously said to error is human; to forgive, divine.”

“If a child is engaged by a story nothing else competes” – Sally Lloyd-Jones

Stories are powerful we forget this, Jesus did not but we do. We get distracted by the shiny things that are intended to enhance stories not replace them. I know for me as someone who is a lover of technology and is an early adopter. Nothing replaces a good story. Never forget that. No icon, no game, no app replaces a story.

Does the church still matter?



The Barna Group has released a new series of books that address pressing questions. In this book they address this question through research provided by Barna and Jon Tyson’s pastoral perspective.

51% of people don’t think it’s important to attend church.

I was drawn to this book because I believe what you believe about Jesus and what you believe about the church are foundational and fundamental to faith.

Looking for a free Easter Curriculum? Try God to the Rescue


I can’t believe that it’s been 3 years now since a few of my friends and I got together and created a curriculum that intentionally makes much of Jesus. The need for this kind of curriculum has only increased in the past 3 years. The lessons that we wrote together have more relevance than ever. The most important thing we can teach our kids is who Jesus is and what he has done for them. At our church we want our kids to leave our kids ministry with the understanding that “Jesus is everything”. I hope these lessons will help you and your team this Easter. To get the links to the videos and lessons fill out the form below and you should get a confirmation code with links to download the curriculum.

How the gospel can be seen in the move Frozen: superficial vs. sacrificial love


These will probably be my last posts about the movie Frozen although I can’t guarantee it. I talked about why Frozen was so compelling and how fairy tails point to a much grander much greater story. *Spoilers* (Please don’t read on if you don’t want to know some of the details from the movie.)