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I recently launched a podcast with a couple of friends aimed at helping kids ministry leaders to think more deeply, lead more effectively, and to love God and kids more extravagantly. I would love for you to listen and give us a review as that helps other kids’ ministry people find us.

Here is a summary of what the episode is all about. You can find the full episode here on Apple podcasts. It is also available on every podcast platform you prefer. I hope you find it helpful.

“If we want crockpot results in our children’s ministries, then we need to move beyond microwave methods. In this episode, the guys provide helpful tips for evaluating the discipleship resources used in equipping parents, training leaders, and teaching kids.”

Resources Referenced in this Episode

New City Catechism The Moon is Always Round by Jonathan Gibson Parenting by Paul David Tripp Volunteers that Stick by Jim Wideman Show Them Jesus by Jack Klumpenhower Keeping Your Children’s Ministry on Mission by Jared Kennedy The Ultimate Curriculum Guide by Sam Luce

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New City Catechism:

The Moon is Always Round:


Volunteers that Stick:

Show Them Jesus:

Keeping Your Children’s Ministry on Mission:

The Ultimate Curriculum Guide:

Cross Formed Kids:

Custom Quote for Cross Formed Kids curriculum:

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