Lead, Innovate or get left behind.

I always love it when I come across an article like this Jessie Jackson Jr. talking about how the iPad is killing american jobs. When will we learning that clinging to the old ways of doing things and persacuting and blaming the new way of doing things only holds us back from leadership and Innovation.

I am a firm believer that the name iPad is stupid but I digress. We as kids pastors and church leaders need to take a look at the old way of doing things and say what can we change? What can we get rid of so we can innovate and make better. We do the same thing as Jackson. In the church world we cling to old models of doing things way to long, we embrace things way to slowly and we fear change to greatly. Steve Jobs innovates to improve his companies bottom line and has done that through embracing the future. We have so much more at stake than Jobs does but how we lead you would never know it.

We need to lead, innovate or get left behind.

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