Uptown Be Attitudes

When we redid our children’s facility a few years back I took that opportunity to change lots of things. One of the things I to make sure we did was make our values clear and transportable. I want to always make sure that why we do what we do stays at the front of our

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Amazed by my Uptown team!

Last month was pastor appreciation month, and last Sunday our kids ministry team surprised me by giving me a scrap book of cards, letters, notes of thanks from adults and young people on our team, some notes from parents, as well as notes from the kids in Uptown now and some kids who are all grown up

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Happy Birthday Baby!

Today my beautiful bride turns — ! When I think of my wife I am there are so many things that flood my mind. I love that she is Italian, she’s an amazing cook. She is a great homemaker and creates an amazing environment for our family to grow in. My wife is an amazing

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