Guest Blog Post: Object Lesson: The Fruit of Love


Meet Pastor Monica Bullock. She’s a children’s pastor who loves kids crusades and themed lessons. Each week, she and a team of fearless volunteers jump and down with kids just to tell them, “Jesus loves you!”

Object Lesson: The Fruit of Love

Kids understand love but it doesn’t hurt to show them what God says about this important virtue. With this object lesson, your children will see the difference between regular love and love as a fruit of the spirit.

Free Bible Lesson Song of Solomon: The Book of God’s Love


Here’s what you have all been waiting for how to teach kid out the book of Song of Solomon.

Song of Solomon – Book of God’s Love

Key Point – God loves you very much!

Memory Verse – Romans 5:8 “…God showed how much he loved us by having Jesus die for us, even when we were sinful.”

Skit – I am going to make God love me – A group of kids come out and explain that they learned in church that Jesus loves them all, but they begin talking about things that they do to make Jesus love them more one kid get upset starts crying. Because he has never done any of those things, and feels that God doesn’t love him as much as the other kids. His father comes over and listens to his son explain he then explains that there is nothing we can do to make Jesus love us more. Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross for us when were still sinners. The boy looks exited and says really. The father says yes really. God loves you very much! Just the way you are.

Skit – Kids make fun of a boy and explain that no one can love you because you are different why do you look they way you look? The boy starts to cry after his friends leave  – His mother comes out and asks the boy what is wrong and the boy says how the other kids were making fun of him because he is different from the rest of the kids. The kid says I think they are right how could anyone love someone like me? The mother gives her son  a hung an tells her son that she loves his son no matter what. That there is nothing that can make him stop loving him. No matter how much he loves his son God loves him even more.

Object Lesson – You can’t measure God’s love for us. – Picture of sky, ocean, etc…. How many of you have ever gone to the beach? How many have stood on the beach and looked out as far as you eye could see and saw an end to the large ocean. No one can the ocean is so large you can look and look and never see the end. Much like God’s love for us we see his love shown to us when he came to earth and died for our sins.

Object Lesson – Dipstick from a car –– How many of you kids know what this is in my hand? (hold up the dipstick wait for a response) It is a dipstick it is used to measure how much oil you have in your car. It is that oil that keeps the car running just like God’s love keeps us running. The difference is that God’s love is so great so vast and unending that you can not measure it even with the worlds largest dipstick. God loves you very much.

Puppet – A boy puppet learns that Jesus loves us with his whole heart – we need to love him with our whole heart not just part of it but all of it. (use heart puppet). It says in the Bible that we love Him because he first loved us. Sometimes we give part of our heart to things that do not matter when we should be giving it all to God.

Bible Story

God showed us how much he loves us by sending us his son Jesus. Who came to earth as a baby, grew as a sinless man, died on the cross for your sins and mine, and rose again to give us hope and a future.

That is how much Jesus loves us He rescued us.

I want to start off with a question: What have we learned about God this year?

Take several answers from the kids.

Yeah, that’s right! We’ve learned that God is the creator of the world. We’ve learned that we can trust Him no matter what. We’ve learned that he’s our loving Father. We’ve also learned that He loves to come to the rescue.

Think back to Adam and Eve… they messed up big time when they rejected God’s perfect plan for their lives. They forgot how much God loved them. They both ate that fruit and everything changed. God could have forgotten all about them, but he didn’t. He came to them and made a way for them to be OK. He’s the great rescuer.

Or how about Moses and the Israelites in Egypt. God didn’t leave them in slavery. He made a plan to get them out of Egypt and into the promised land! He’s the great rescuer.

Even when David was running away from King Saul. God didn’t leave David alone to fend for himself, He loved him him with an unbreakable love. He came to the rescue and made a way for David to become King of Israel. He’s the great rescuer.

It doesn’t stop there you know. God still comes to the rescue today. If you remember back to that Adam and Eve story, when they messed up they REALLY messed up. Because of the choice they made, we’re lost. We can’t be with God. In order to be with God, we need something—no, Someone—to rescue us.

Way back during the Old Testament times, God sent a messenger to his people. The messengers’ name was Isaiah. He told them some GREAT news:

Read this from Isaiah: 9:2,6-7

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned… For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. Ad he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Who do you think Isaiah was talking about? That’s right, Jesus! Without God we are lost in darkness. We can’t see where we’re going.

Walking around in the dark is scary. You can’t see where you’re going, You don’t know if you’ll bump into anything, stub your toe, or bonk your head. You never know if someone is waiting around a corner to jump towards you and freak. You. Out!

Living without God is sort of same thing. It’s scary and rather dangerous. We need Jesus to shine his light and find us. That’s what he did He shined his light on all of us because of his great love for us.

God did all of this because he loves you very much. That’s our bottom line for today: God loves you very much!


Activity – 

Because God first loved us we can love others. Draw a picture of the person you love and explain why?

Questions –

  1. Does Jesus Love people?
  2. Do you know that God loves you?
  3. What did Jesus do to show His love for us?
  4. Who do you Love?
  5. Have you ever felt someone love you?
  6. How do you know that they love you?
  7. How do you let someone know that you love them?
  8. What does the Bible say about loving others?
  9. When you know someone loves you how does that make you feel?

Free Bible Lesson Ecclesiastes: Emptiness without God.

ECCLESIASTES – The Book of emptiness without God.

– Book of Emptiness (Life without God)


Key Point –What life is like without God is empty?

Memory Verse – Ecclesiastes 12:13 “…Respect and obey God! This is what life is all about.”



Skit – Show two different people one who has God in their life, and one that doesn’t (have everything be empty from their stomach to the coke can etc…) One kid will come out and will be drinking a coke the other will be drinking a coke as well. The kid who doesn’t have God in his life will have a can of coke that is empty while the other kid the one with God in his life will have more than enough. The kid w/o God will say to the other one “are you hungry” the kid who has God in his life will say know I am full, but I have noticed that everything in your life seems so empty why is that? The first kid will say that he has no idea. The Show the difference that God makes in everything. Have the skit explain to the kids that when God is not in our life it affects every part of our life.


Object Lesson – Have two glasses of water one that is empty and ugly on the outside the other that is clean. Explain that without God in our life we are miserable. When God comes into our life he fills us up and cleans us up. Place smaller cup that is clean in a dirty larger cup, also have a pitcher of water to represent God. Take the dirty cup and explain that God takes us when we are empty and dirty and fills us up with his love and goodness. At this point pull out the smaller clean cup and explain that the Bible tells us that God makes all things beautiful in His time.


Object Lesson – Full glass vs. empty one – how many of you would like to have an empty glass after you have just got done running in a race you were very thirsty. Would you rather have a full cup or an empty one? Our life without God is like an empty cup we have no purpose but if our cup is full we have much purpose giving life and strength to all who need it.


Object Lesson – Gas Can – Ask the kids how far you can drive your car with no gas in it with the tank empty? Not far huh? Same thing with God, we will not get very far without God. Many people try to put other things in their engine other than gas and they won’t go anywhere. We need God to fill us up. Because life without God is empty.


Puppet – Have a puppet explain that without the puppet master he has no life. How without the puppet master he is just a lump of material but when the puppet masters hand comes inside of him he has life. MC will say wow that is just like us without God our life is lumpy and meaningless but when Jesus comes into our life and fills us up with His Holy Spirit we have life and life more abundantly.


Bible story – Story of Solomon – Tell how Solomon turned away from God and his life got much harder. Solomon’s life with God he was blessed with wisdom, fame and money. He walked away from God and life became meaningless.


 Ecclesiastes 2:22-26
22 What does a man get for all of his hard work on earth? What does he get for all of his worries?23 As long as he lives, his work is nothing but pain and sorrow. Even at night his mind can’t rest. That doesn’t have any meaning either.

 24 A man can’t do anything better than eat and drink and be satisfied with his work. I’m finally seeing that those things also come from the hand of God. 25 Without his help, who can eat or find pleasure?

 26 God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness to a man who pleases him. But to a sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth. Then the sinner must hand it over to the one who pleases God. That doesn’t have any meaning either. It’s like chasing the wind.

Solomon had everything because he trusted God. He understood that we need to honor and respect God we need to trust him with everything.

When solomon became King God asked him what he wanted and Solomon replied that he wanted wisdom to lead God’s people well. God blessed him with wisdom and because he asked for wisdom rather than, money, fame or revenge of his enemies God gave all of those things to him and more.

God also warned Solomon to never trust in himself but to always trust in God. Solomon didn’t  listen and started building a large army and married lots of wives and slowly his heart turned from God to other things and as a result he became sad he realized that life without God doesn’t have any meaning. If we want our life to be exciting and to accomplish a lot we have to trust God and do what He says.


Ecclesiastes 12:13

13 Everything has now been heard.

And here’s the final thing I want to say.

Have respect for God and obey his commandments.

That’s what everyone should do.



Activity –

Have a piece of candy in it’s wrapper and then a candy wrapper with no candy in it ask the kids how many would like the wrapper with the candy in it or how many of you would like this empty wrapper with candy inside it. (Allow for response) Most want the wrapper that has something in it, not the empty one. There is a big difference between being full and being empty. When we don’t have Jesus in our life we are empty.


Questions –

What would life be like with out Jesus?

Have you ever felt alone?

Have you ever felt afraid?

What did you do?

Did you know that when we have Jesus we are never really alone?

When do you feel alone or afraid?

What should you do?

What does Jesus tell us He will do? (never leave us or forsake us)




Free Bible Lessons: Proverbs "The Book of Wisdom"


– Book of  Wisdom

Key point – God makes me wise!

Memory Verse – Proverbs 9:10 “Respect and obey God this is the beginning of wisdom…”


Skit – Boy needs help on his test – The bible tells us that we need to ask God to give us wisdom – The Bible also says that he gives to everyone who asks. – Have three kids sit down to take a test before the test is handed out they are discussing how they studied. One kid states that she studied and asked God for help because the bible tells us that God gives wisdom to all who ask, the next kid explains that he didn’t study he is going to just trust God to give him wisdom like the Bible says, the last student says that he didn’t study and he doesn’t need God’s help because he is naturally gifted in school he doesn’t need God’s help. They all three take the test turn the test into the teacher she returns them with their grades in Bright red marker. The first kid got an a the other two got an F they are upset and angry because they both got F’s while their other friend got an A. The first student explains that to the second student that even though God will give us wisdom we must “study to show ourselves approved unto God” we must do our part and God will always do his part. To the third person she says that not only do we need to study but we also need to ask to help us. That is how I (the first student) did so well because I did my part by studying and God helped me to be wise.


Skit – Professor Smartypants – someone comes out dressed like a college professor explaining to the MC that he is wise and he doesn’t need God. The MC asks why he thinks that he is so smart Professor says because I have a very smart brain. The MC explains that it is God who gives us wisdom and it is God who made that smart brain of yours. Professor doesn’t know what to say, he stammers and says that he didn’t know that God created his brain. The MC says confidently that he did.


Object Lesson – God gives us wisdom (have a peanut hold it up and ask the kids if they can come up with a use for a peanut that is not invented yet)– George Washington Carver – used to hold a peanut in his hands and ask for God to give him wisdom and he gave us over a hundred uses for a peanut with God’s help. People told him that it couldn’t be done but because he asked God for wisdom we have many of his inventions around us today, like peanut oil, peanut butter, margarine and many more, because he asked God to give him wisdom and God did.


Object Lesson – How to become more wise – Proverbs 13:20 “Wise friends make you wise, but you hurt yourself by going around with fools.” You become wiser when you hang out with wise people. You become foolish when you hang out with foolish people. Have two kids come up have two paper hats made up one saying wise guy and the other saying foolish guy. Have the MC ask each of the kids a few questions the first one  – What is 2+2? The wise kid will say 4 the foolish kid will say 8. Next ask what the first commandment is. The Wise kid will say “you shall have no other Gods before me”. The foolish kid will say always step on nails with no shoes on. Explain to the kids that if you hang out with wise people you will be wise but if you hang out with people who are foolish you will become foolish.


Puppet – The wisest thing that you can do is honor God. Have an old puppet come up and explain that through out his life the thing that he learned that when he was young he thought he didn’t need God but as he has grown he has learned that true wisdom is obeying and respecting God and the Bible.

Bible story – Wise man built his house upon the rock – foolish man upon the sand.

Matt. 7:24-29

Wisdom comes trusting God. Jesus told his followers that if you want to be wise you need to not just hear what God says but do what he says.

The difference between the wise and the foolish man is the wise man heard and obeyed the foolish man heard and disobeyed.

If you want to build a life that is not moved no matter what storms come your way listen and obey.

  1. How does God speak? –
    1. He can speak verbally – although this is rare it has happened at times in the Bible and can happen today
    2. He primarily speaks to us through His word the bible
    3. He speaks through our parents
    4. Through our pastors
    5. Through our leaders


  1. How do we know it’s God speaking to us? Sometimes you may think it’s just you making up thoughts how do you know they are from God? You check everything against the bible. If you think you should tell your parents that You love them, is that God speaking to you? The bible tells us to honor our parents so yes. If you feel like you should punch your brother, what does the bible say? We are supposed to be kind to one another.
  2. Wisdom is knowing what is right and doing it. It’s building your life upon the Rock (God’s word) by trust and obedience. If you want to be wise hear and do.
  3. This week practice what you have heard today by listening to God’s voice and do what he says. When your parents ask you to clean your room do it. When your teacher asks you to be quiet do it. When feel like you should help out someone who needs help do it. Don’t just hear the word, obey and you will grow in wisdom.

Small Group

Activity –

Retell the story of how the wise man built his house upon the rock and the foolish man built upon the sand Mt. 7:24-29. Have a stone and some salt in a bag to represent sand. Have the kids touch each item then explain what they think is stronger and why they think that. Then explain how the Bible is like the rock and the world like the sand.


Questions –

What makes us wise?

What does it mean to be wise?

Do your friends wise or foolish?

Where do you need help being wise?

Where do you need God’s help?

What can we do to become more wise?

Who is the wisest person you know?

Why are they the wisest?

What can you do this week to become more wise?


Free Bible Lesson: Esther


– Book of God’s Love

Key Point – God’s love never ends!

Memory Verse – John 3:16 – “God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only son,”

Skit – God loves us no matter what – even when we do something we shouldn’t he still loves us – Have a bully type boy steal something have a Christian boy see him steal something the Christian boy follows him out and tell the Bully boy that Jesus loves him and the Bully says that God couldn’t love me I am to bad. The Christian explains that he saw the bully steal something the bully puts his head down and says see God can’t love someone like me. The Christian boy explains that God love for us never ends! It says in the Bible In Romans 5:8 that when we were still sinner when we hated God he still loved us. Many people have done worse things than you and God still forgave him. The bully: really you really thing God’s love never ends! The Christian boys says nope never ends what do you say we return the candy bar you stole ask the shopkeeper to forgive you and then God to forgive you. Bully: It’ll be hard but it sounds to me like it is worth it. Christian boy: lets go. (both leave the stage skit over)

Object Lesson – (Mt. 7:10) God is a good father he loves us he would not give us a stone if we ask for bread he would not give us a snake if we ask for fish. Have a kid come forward and ask the MC for a gift the MC then gives the child a broken toy. Another child comes up asks for something to eat the MC gives the child an empty bag with only crumbs in it. The MC asks if he was being kind or mean the kids will say that the MC was being mean. The MC will then explain that God is nothing like that. If you ask for a gift he will give you a gift you ask for food he gives food. God is a good father who loves you and me!

Object Lesson – Christmas Gift – You give gifts to people you love God gave us Jesus as the first Christmas present. How many of you give gifts to people you can’t stand. Most people give gifts to people they love. God showed us how much he loves us by sending his son Jesus to earth. God gave us all a gift to show us his love and his mercy. God is a good father who loves you and me!

Object Lesson – God’s love never ends – have you ever counted ever star in the sky the sand in the ocean – it would take forever (ask a kid to come forward and have a bucket of sand or dirt ask the child to count all the individual pieces of dirt if they can’t do that offer them the option of counting every single star in the galaxy it can’t be done it is unending– God loves us with that same kind of unending forever love.

Puppet – Comes up singing Jesus loves me this I know. Another puppet comes up and asks if the puppet knows what he is singing about. The first puppet says its just some song he heard somewhere. The 2nd puppet explains to the first one that God loves us so much that not only did he come to earth and die for our sins that is how much he loves us it is more than a song you are singing you are singing about God’s great love for us.

Bible story – Tell the story of Esther how God used her to save God’s people – Even though in the book of Esther God’s name is we see God in action demonstrating God’s love to his people by rescuing them.

God demonstrates his love for us.

  1. God has a plan for us. – God placed Esther in the kingdom for the special purpose to preserve His people
  2. God uses people to carry out his plan. – God used Esther to carry out the plan that he had to rescue his people. God also sent his son Jesus to earth as a man to rescue us. We can be used by God to show the love of God to others.

Where has God placed you? Who has God called you to show His love to? This week remember that God loves you and that he has placed you where you are near others for you to demonstrate the love of God.

Esther Small Group


Have hearts cut out – inside the hearts draw a picture of the things you love the most. Explain to the kids that no matter how much you love something or someone, God loves them more.


How did God show us how much He loves us?

Does God love some people more than others?

Will God ever stop loving you?

Can you measure God’s love?

Can you do anything to make God love you more?

How do you know that God loves you?

How did God show His love for Esther and her people?

How do you know that Esther loved God?