Free Bible Lessons: Proverbs "The Book of Wisdom"


– Book of  Wisdom

Key point – God makes me wise!

Memory Verse – Proverbs 9:10 “Respect and obey God this is the beginning of wisdom…”


Skit – Boy needs help on his test – The bible tells us that we need to ask God to give us wisdom – The Bible also says that he gives to everyone who asks. – Have three kids sit down to take a test before the test is handed out they are discussing how they studied. One kid states that she studied and asked God for help because the bible tells us that God gives wisdom to all who ask, the next kid explains that he didn’t study he is going to just trust God to give him wisdom like the Bible says, the last student says that he didn’t study and he doesn’t need God’s help because he is naturally gifted in school he doesn’t need God’s help. They all three take the test turn the test into the teacher she returns them with their grades in Bright red marker. The first kid got an a the other two got an F they are upset and angry because they both got F’s while their other friend got an A. The first student explains that to the second student that even though God will give us wisdom we must “study to show ourselves approved unto God” we must do our part and God will always do his part. To the third person she says that not only do we need to study but we also need to ask to help us. That is how I (the first student) did so well because I did my part by studying and God helped me to be wise.


Skit – Professor Smartypants – someone comes out dressed like a college professor explaining to the MC that he is wise and he doesn’t need God. The MC asks why he thinks that he is so smart Professor says because I have a very smart brain. The MC explains that it is God who gives us wisdom and it is God who made that smart brain of yours. Professor doesn’t know what to say, he stammers and says that he didn’t know that God created his brain. The MC says confidently that he did.


Object Lesson – God gives us wisdom (have a peanut hold it up and ask the kids if they can come up with a use for a peanut that is not invented yet)– George Washington Carver – used to hold a peanut in his hands and ask for God to give him wisdom and he gave us over a hundred uses for a peanut with God’s help. People told him that it couldn’t be done but because he asked God for wisdom we have many of his inventions around us today, like peanut oil, peanut butter, margarine and many more, because he asked God to give him wisdom and God did.


Object Lesson – How to become more wise – Proverbs 13:20 “Wise friends make you wise, but you hurt yourself by going around with fools.” You become wiser when you hang out with wise people. You become foolish when you hang out with foolish people. Have two kids come up have two paper hats made up one saying wise guy and the other saying foolish guy. Have the MC ask each of the kids a few questions the first one  – What is 2+2? The wise kid will say 4 the foolish kid will say 8. Next ask what the first commandment is. The Wise kid will say “you shall have no other Gods before me”. The foolish kid will say always step on nails with no shoes on. Explain to the kids that if you hang out with wise people you will be wise but if you hang out with people who are foolish you will become foolish.


Puppet – The wisest thing that you can do is honor God. Have an old puppet come up and explain that through out his life the thing that he learned that when he was young he thought he didn’t need God but as he has grown he has learned that true wisdom is obeying and respecting God and the Bible.

Bible story – Wise man built his house upon the rock – foolish man upon the sand.

Matt. 7:24-29

Wisdom comes trusting God. Jesus told his followers that if you want to be wise you need to not just hear what God says but do what he says.

The difference between the wise and the foolish man is the wise man heard and obeyed the foolish man heard and disobeyed.

If you want to build a life that is not moved no matter what storms come your way listen and obey.

  1. How does God speak? –
    1. He can speak verbally – although this is rare it has happened at times in the Bible and can happen today
    2. He primarily speaks to us through His word the bible
    3. He speaks through our parents
    4. Through our pastors
    5. Through our leaders


  1. How do we know it’s God speaking to us? Sometimes you may think it’s just you making up thoughts how do you know they are from God? You check everything against the bible. If you think you should tell your parents that You love them, is that God speaking to you? The bible tells us to honor our parents so yes. If you feel like you should punch your brother, what does the bible say? We are supposed to be kind to one another.
  2. Wisdom is knowing what is right and doing it. It’s building your life upon the Rock (God’s word) by trust and obedience. If you want to be wise hear and do.
  3. This week practice what you have heard today by listening to God’s voice and do what he says. When your parents ask you to clean your room do it. When your teacher asks you to be quiet do it. When feel like you should help out someone who needs help do it. Don’t just hear the word, obey and you will grow in wisdom.

Small Group

Activity –

Retell the story of how the wise man built his house upon the rock and the foolish man built upon the sand Mt. 7:24-29. Have a stone and some salt in a bag to represent sand. Have the kids touch each item then explain what they think is stronger and why they think that. Then explain how the Bible is like the rock and the world like the sand.


Questions –

What makes us wise?

What does it mean to be wise?

Do your friends wise or foolish?

Where do you need help being wise?

Where do you need God’s help?

What can we do to become more wise?

Who is the wisest person you know?

Why are they the wisest?

What can you do this week to become more wise?


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