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As we wrap up 2013 I just want to thank you who stop by my blog I appreciate you and I started this blog as a tool to help kids pastors and leaders by being to others what I wish I had when I started. I hope this blog is that to you. Happy New Year.

I thought I would share a few of the blog posts you guys visited most often this year.

Free Bible Lessons: Proverbs “The Book of Wisdom
Top 50 Family Ministry Blogs
4 reasons NOT to Homeschool your kids.
4 reasons NOT to send your kids to Christian School.
2 fantastic ideas families can use for advent
Why you should read old books.
Self-esteem is ruining your kids
How to make an Easter egg hunt a family event.
Free Easter Curriculum: God To The Rescue
Why my kids never asked Jesus into their hearts.

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  1. It is interesting to know that one man’s food is anther’s poison. I personally love to enroll my children in Christian school because of moral lesson they teach and Bible lessons. I agree with the money aspect that it is too costly and many cannot afford it, the government should subsidize the amount. I don’t believe there is any special treatment to children in Christian school as the writer proposed, other than that the children in Christian school look reserved. I still love my children to go to Christian school if I can pay the tuition. God bless.

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