What matters now in Children's Ministry: Global Edition

If you haven’t heard of What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry, where have you been? WMNCM exists to spark conversations among leaders in children’s ministry around the question, “What matters now in children’s ministry?” Over the past year and a half, we have gathered responses from over 40 leaders with a vested interest in children’s ministry and have offered them in an  eBook, a published paperback and as a video conference. Today at Noon CST, WMNCM will be revealing more about it’s plan for a global edition that will include contributions from at least 100 children’s ministry leaders from all over the world! Additionally, WMNCM is offering 16 of the videos from the WMNCM video conference in one convenient package for only $40. That’s over 2 hours of wisdom and insights from some of the thought leaders in children’s ministry for only $40 that you can use with your leadership teams and volunteers! Check out this list of video contributors:

Greg Carlson
Liz Perraud
Rob Reinow
Denise Kjesbo
Matt Guevara
David Wakerley
Amy Dolan
Gary Strudler
Sharon Sherbondy
Henry Zonio
Dan Scott
Karl Bastian
Ruben Meullenberg
Matt McKee
Dave Csinos

Don’t miss out! Head on over the http://cmwhatmatters.com

There’s also going to be a live chat Noon – 1 p.m. CST at http://cmwhatmatters.com with Henry Zonio, Matt Guevara and Amy Dolan.

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