Free Bible Lesson: Nehemiah


– Book of Revival

Key Point – Revival is when God changes me!

Memory Verse – Habakkuk 3:2 “…In this time of our deep need, begin again to help us, … Show us you power to save us.”

Skit – Two kids playing one breaks down his castle made with Legos

Skit – Game show “Who wants to have revival” a quiz show similar to who wants to be a millionaire only the contestants answer questions that show if they desire revival (want more of God) or if they are mediocre uncaring. The host will ask questions like To have a revival do you need to play with your friends, brush your teeth or pray and ask God to change you. Revival is when God sneezes, God blows his nose, or when God fills our hearts with passion for him. Have one contestant be mediocre one be cold, have the last one be wanting revival. See if the kids can see a difference. Revival comes from God but we must have a desire for it.

Object Lesson – CPR – bringing back to life someone, to revive them. – When someone dies they no longer have life in them they no longer have breath in them. When someone becomes a Christian the Bible tells us it is like they are born again. When we stop loving Jesus it is like when someone stops breathing we slowly start to die spiritually what we need is Jesus to come and breath live into us just like and EMT person does in his ambulance.

Object Lesson – Picture of Charles Finney – explain to the kids how God used Finney to bring revival to this area. Many times in history God has used people to bring revival in our area about 200 years ago God used a man named Charles Finney.

Puppet – Puppet comes up and explain that he has experienced revival because he has changed he clothes. The MC is excited at first then finds out the puppet has only changed his clothes. It doesn’t matter if you change your outside it is you heart that God wants you to change. It is God who changes our heart.

Bible story – Rebuilding a city – Story of Nehemiah how he was sad when he heard that the wall was torn down and needed to be rebuilt. Nehemiah 1:1-11

Revival starts with a personal revelation of the need

  1. See the needs around you. – Revival starts when you become aware of the need. – Nehemiah becomes aware of the condition of Jerusalem and is  and is moved. If we never see needs around us we will never be ready to meet those needs. Nehemiah understood he needed God’s help. Jerusalem was so far away if he was going to do anything he would need God’s help. Revival is our response to God’s initiation. God was speaking to Nehemiah what would he do?
  2. He Prayed – Ask God for wisdom what to do – Nehemiah’s first response to crisis was prayer he asked God for guidance. He needed help because He understood the situation was larger than him.
  3. He Obeyed – Do what you feel God telling you to do – When you pray and God speaks to you, you’r left with one option either obey or disobey. When God speaks to us through his word, through leaders or in that still small voice in our heart we need to do what he is telling us to do.

Nehemiah Small Group –


Object lesson – Have a battery explain to the kids that you have a battery here, but the only problem is that you don’t know if it has a full charge. The only way to check is to test it you can’t tell from the outside if it needs to be revived you have to see what is on the inside. What can you do with a battery that is empty? You could throw it away but there are some batteries that rechargeable which means it can be filled again to be used again. Revival is when Jesus comes brings new life where to old batteries as well as bringing life to new batteries. Revival is when God changes us!


  • What is revival?
  • What does it mean to be changed?
  • Why was Nehemiah sad? (because his friends weren’t doing well)
  • What did Nehemiah do?
  • Have you ever prayed for your friends who don’t know Jesus?
  • What is something you want God to change in your life?
  • What can I do as a kid to bring revival? (pray)

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  • Hey Sam! You probably don't remember me but I am married to Matt Lehman and we met back in the day of youth group at NTC in Massena, NY. We are now in Vermont joining Adam Avery in the building of Mosaic Church. I am searching for a lesson on Nehemiah to teach the kids this week and I came across your lesson here. I thought it was such a funny coincidence that I googled and found you! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and wish you the best. And thanks for the great lesson! 🙂 Tasha Lehman

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