Orange 2010 Opening Session


Collide – Make a deliberate contact for the sake of a lasting impact

When I collide with God it changes the way I see the world
When I collide with the world it changes the way I see God.

23% of kids live with their biological parents 75% of the kids we minister two are not the “perfect” family.

As you collide with the people around you it awaken’s you to what church should be like.

Mark Batterson –

  • We can stop doing ministry out of imagination and start doing ministry out of memory
  • Stop creating the future and start repeating the past.
  • There are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet if we keep trying to meet new challenges with tired old methods we will eventually fade into oblivion.
  • Everything is an experiment. – If you fail it’s a win because you found one more way not to do something.
  • If you want to think new thoughts read new books, meet new people do new things. Colliding with new people changes your biases
  • leadership – disrupt the routine
  • Your inability to believe is hindered by your imagination. – Tolken to CS Lewis.
  • Our lack of wonder is really a lack of love.

Creative Orange Resources:

Met these guys at Orange this year! I have been using a whiteboard to organize my volunteers   to see where I have holes and where I need to place people. I met these guys at Orange and I am going to switch to this method.


1. I am a visual person –  Like the multicolor on black
2. flexibility
3. My sons can’t erase it.
4. Makes me look more organized that I actually am.
5. They guy running the booth was a yankee!
6. Andy Stanley uses them.

Check out their site.

Orange Pre Conference: The Big Deal Guys

About the Presentor – Big Deal Guys

Why I picked this. – Love getting Ideas to spice up our large group time. We do small group stuff good our large group time could use some help and spice.
What I learned
When you do big stuff make it about the kids. Don’t try to outdo yourself. Don’t get locked into bigger better barnburner.
Take some time each week to make some whitespace.

Sir Ken Robinson – Ted (creating for children)

Build suspense – for kids.

1. A catapult or chicken chucker
2. Air Cannon
3. A trigger
4. Wrllz of hurt
5. Rockets
6. RC stuff
7. Screen door closer
8. Foam props
9. Giant props
10.Wooden boxes
11. Zip lines and pulleys
12. Electrical switch
13. WOW piece
If you want more information on how to build or find any of these 13 things, email us at [email protected].

What I am going to do with what I learned.

My take home for the breakout is to think that anything is possible and create some white space in my week to dream.

Contact The Big Deal Guys –

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Practically Improving Preschool.

Improving you first look environment.

About the Presenter – Kendra Fleming is one of my favorite kids pastors.
1. I love Northpoint church
2. I have been blown away by her willingness to help out other kids pastors.
3. Love her blog – I always say it is one of my favorites. I love how her blog is written from in the trenches and offers practical help that is scalable. You can use it.
Why I picked this. – We just started to use My First Look at our church and I am looking for practical suggestions on how to make our small groups better.
Here are a couple things that stood out to me.
Small group.
  • Have consistency.
  • Introduce your kids  to their small group leaders –
  • 8-10 small group kids in preschool is a great small group number.
Large group –
  • Teach one thing at a time.
  • You need to repeat repeat – They like knowing the answer –
  • Get your story tellers to stick to a script.
  • Internalized the content.
Training –
  • Don’t just tell people what to do tell them why
  • when people don’t get here on time – your kids have to wait – always explain things in the context of vision.
  • Cast vision for why talk about How.
  • Training should be inspirational and practical – don’t give them 15 things to do give them 1 or 2 things.
  • Feedback on consistent basis – if it’s random it feels random. –
  • Make a video of standard motions to songs. You can even use your computers webcam to do this.
  • Pick one thing to do when you go home – DO ONE THING once you have one thing down do the next thing.