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For the Cool kid in you – – Free push notification of @ replies on twitter.

Download a free redneck video puppet – Found out about this on

DJ software for iTunes –  djay3

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Free excel spreadsheet templates –

Tutorial on how to add a blank space in HTML

Google Docs gets an update –

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Well today is my 3rd blogging birthday. I think that’s like 48 in human years.

Wow what a trip it’s been, and I have loved every minute of it. 3 years ago you would have never been able to convince me that I would form life long, life giving relationships with people, crazy, but I have. It has been so wonderful to connect with you guys out there and learn from you. I feel that I have grown more in terms of leadership and all things children’s ministry because of the Children’s ministry  community that has opened up in the past few years. I remember starting to read children’s ministry blogs 3 years ago I could only find a few. Now we have a march madness blogging competition with a field of 64 kidmin bloggers. Amazing.

Well 678 posts 1674 comments later. I am excited to hear, learn and grow from each of you. Here’s to anther 3 years or so. (Hope you like the cake Tony)


Stuff Christian's Like #777 Things for Free

(*Photo of John and I at Orange last year – We are pretty much best friends as can be seen by the amazing side hug he gave me)

What do christians like more than the number 777 ? Well truthfully not many things. The one thing I thing that atheists and christians alike would agree that Christians like better than the number 777 is something, anything for free.

Lucky for us that’s exactly how much the audio version of stuff Christians like is during the month of April. Download it now, I am pretty sure John is the funniest Christian who hasn’t claimed to be a former Satanist. Listen to  his book because if you do God will make you rich, famous and beautiful, his words not mine.

The Lads Band Give-away Winner.

Thanks to all of you who entered to win there was 23 of you in total. I talked to Steve from the Lads the other day and it looks like he may be putting together another package that those of who didn’t win might be able to win at a later date.

Well without further adue

The winner of The Lad’s Band DVD……… TEACHER TIM (yes I did use all caps, very exciting.)

Congrats Teacher Tim you are the envy of all of #kidmin for at least one day!

Here is Teacher Tims [Blog] and [Twitter] accounts

(Winner picked at random by