Bible Studies for Life: Remixed.

bible studies for life

Let me start by saying that I have never used Bible Studies for life. So I have nothing to compare it against. LifeWay supplied me with a 3 week pre-release sampler gave me no talking points simply said look this over blog about it good, bad or ugly. So here are my thoughts.

1. One point focuses the lesson – same lesson adults – youth and kids. – This has so much potential. I love the idea of the family learning one thing. The problem is taking a biblical truth and translating it across all age groups is very difficult and very time-consuming.

2. Studying a book of the bible is a powerful launching point for a family to grow in their faith. – I really like that the whole family can study a book of the bible together. LifeWay has done a great job of breaking down each book of the bible into key thoughts that are transferable across all age groups.

3. They seem very intention in ending the exposition of scripture in application. – I really liked the fact they were so big on application. Often it’s very easy to get hung up on expositional stuff and language stuff. LifeWay really focused their energy not only on creating application but in helping teachers know how to recognize and apply truth to those they are teaching.

4. Leveraging social media to connect with digital natives. – We now use The Gospel Project and I have to say that the Gospel project app is the best kids ministry curriculum app out there by far. My kids love it. LifeWay has done a great job of building apps kids actually use and creating content that is very easy to put up on facebook and twitter. (Side note I really think Instagram will continue to be a more and more popular would be great to see insta-ready promotional stuff – very easy to make)

5. Video teaching – allows for flexibility. – You still need a good teacher – There is a video teaching for kids especially and some pretty cool video stuff for youth. I may be old school but I still believe that if you have the man power you should have a live teacher and use the video teaching to supplement or as a training resource. Video teaching has it’s place but you as the pastor have to know where that is for your group however video teaching is a nice option.

So who is this curriculum for? It has usefulness in any type of church as the content seems to be very solid and from what I understand Bible Studies for Life has been around for some time this is more of a major upgrade to a product that is already in 30,000+ churches.

Where would I use it? For our context and how the curriculum is written it could be used as a kids church curriculum but in my opinion it would be a much stronger option for a midweek, sunday school or even small group in the home curriculum.

For more information their website. Order yours today. 

As well as a blog for Kids, Students and Adults.



Why you should attend LifeWay’s Kids Ministry Conference


The next conference I will be going to this fall is Lifeway‘s Kid’s Ministry Conference. I have never attended Lifeway‘s conference and am very excited to be teaching three breakouts. I will be doing one on volunteers, one on leading for the long haul and one on the 5 things ever leader has to get right.

I had the privilege of going to Lifeway‘s special web event with the Gospel project rollout. I met many of the Lifeway team and they were fabulous. I really love their heart for kids ministry and their willingness to grow, learn and listen. Loved what I saw and our church is actually going to start using the Gospel Project in the fall.

Here is why I’m excited about going to Lifeway‘s Kids Ministry Conference.

1. I love their non-traditional speaking line up – Tommy Bowden and John Croyle sounds more like a SEC smack down. Lisa Harper and Shawn King will be there as well. Really looking forward to hearing from each of them.

2. Doug Fields will be there. I have heard Doug speak at Orange for two years in a row and was impacted greatly by his message. Really looking forward to hearing from him again.

3. Looking forward to connecting with some of the people who run the Gospel Project.

4. Some of my best friends will be there! Can’t wait to see them.

If you want to register CLICK HERE

Flyte: PreTeen Curriculum

I am really excited about a new sponsor of it’s a product produced by Lifeway called Flyte. It’s a curriculum created specifically to address the needs of kids in 5th and 6th grade.

One of the biggest opportunities for curriculum companies is to produce a quality pre-teen curriculum. Lifeway has done that looking over what they have come up with I am impressed. I remember a while back looking for curriculum that addressed the unique challenges of kids this age.  I remember literally finding nothing out there. What we ended up doing was adapting XP3 I wrote about what we did here: How we use XP3 for our 5th and 6th graders. I am so glad we made the change. Our 5th and 6th graders are way more connected to the lesson and get way more out of what is being taught. I could be happier.

If you are looking for something that will really challenge your 5th and 6th graders, and I would encourage you to do so. Look into XP3 or Flyte.

If you want more info about Flyte read all about it and see some sample stuff on Lifeway’s blog.

Here is a promo video the folks over at Flyte made. It’s very well done.


FLYTE Promo from LifeWay Kids on Vimeo.


Do me a favor…

I appreciate everyone who stops by my site and adds to the conversation. I want to take a few minutes to encourage you to check out some of the things the people who sponsor this site have to offer.

Summer XP – Jump – If you are planning on doing VBS or some version of it this summer you need to check out the stuff that the Orange group has put together. I have used their curriculum of for the past 5 years and have always found their stuff to be easy to use and always very customizable to fit our context.

Worlds of Wow – Is a one stop shop to custom theme your church or business. Regan heads the company up and is a stand up guy. They put in our indoor playground in our church and 2 years later the kids love it like the first time they played in it.

Kidz Blitz Curriculum – Roger Fields is one of the more creative guys I know in kids ministry he is never afraid to try something new, and isn’t afraid of something failing as a result he has come up with some of the more creative ideas in kids ministry in recent years. Roger has been in kids ministry for years so signing up for his curriculum you get creativity and experience something in my mind that is well worth the investment.

Bible Bucks 2.0 – Winner of the Children’s ministry expo’s Jawdrop innovation award. Bible Bucks 2.0 is a new way to do rewards at your kids church. It’s a web based reward system that will leave your kids talking. – An innovative iPhone app company that was started by a good friend of mine – The user interface is drop dead simple. If you are looking for a iPhone app or android app contact Matt at R04R tell him Sam sent ya!

Jonathan Martin Creative – They are an unbelievably talented company our church will literally never look the same because of them. Every week when kids come to Uptown and their breath is taken away. I am so grateful to JMC for the time and energy they put into making our space amazing.

Lifeway – Parent life magazine – The people at Lifeway have put together what seems to be a great resource for kids pastors and parents, It’s a magazine called Parent Life, a magazine that focuses on the whole child (spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and social). I haven’t read it yet but plan on reviewing it on my blog soon. The folks at Lifeway always do a great job equipping parents and churches. I always enjoy their blog.