Bible Studies for Life: Remixed.

bible studies for life

Let me start by saying that I have never used Bible Studies for life. So I have nothing to compare it against. LifeWay supplied me with a 3 week pre-release sampler gave me no talking points simply said look this over blog about it good, bad or ugly. So here are my thoughts.

1. One point focuses the lesson – same lesson adults – youth and kids. – This has so much potential. I love the idea of the family learning one thing. The problem is taking a biblical truth and translating it across all age groups is very difficult and very time-consuming.

2. Studying a book of the bible is a powerful launching point for a family to grow in their faith. – I really like that the whole family can study a book of the bible together. LifeWay has done a great job of breaking down each book of the bible into key thoughts that are transferable across all age groups.

3. They seem very intention in ending the exposition of scripture in application. – I really liked the fact they were so big on application. Often it’s very easy to get hung up on expositional stuff and language stuff. LifeWay really focused their energy not only on creating application but in helping teachers know how to recognize and apply truth to those they are teaching.

4. Leveraging social media to connect with digital natives. – We now use The Gospel Project and I have to say that the Gospel project app is the best kids ministry curriculum app out there by far. My kids love it. LifeWay has done a great job of building apps kids actually use and creating content that is very easy to put up on facebook and twitter. (Side note I really think Instagram will continue to be a more and more popular would be great to see insta-ready promotional stuff – very easy to make)

5. Video teaching – allows for flexibility. – You still need a good teacher – There is a video teaching for kids especially and some pretty cool video stuff for youth. I may be old school but I still believe that if you have the man power you should have a live teacher and use the video teaching to supplement or as a training resource. Video teaching has it’s place but you as the pastor have to know where that is for your group however video teaching is a nice option.

So who is this curriculum for? It has usefulness in any type of church as the content seems to be very solid and from what I understand Bible Studies for Life has been around for some time this is more of a major upgrade to a product that is already in 30,000+ churches.

Where would I use it? For our context and how the curriculum is written it could be used as a kids church curriculum but in my opinion it would be a much stronger option for a midweek, sunday school or even small group in the home curriculum.

For more information their website. Order yours today. 

As well as a blog for Kids, Students and Adults.



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