7 sure-fire way to make kids feel welcome in kids church.

Here are 7 things I often tell our uptown volunteers to do to make kids feel welcome in Uptown. If we are not consistently thinking about what we can proactively do to help kids feel welcome, we won’t do it.

7 sure-fire ways to make kids feel welcome in church.

1. Talk to them how they talk to you – If they are shy, you need to be shy if they are outgoing be outgoing.
2. Make fun of yourself -If you can make funny faces or do funny voices that’s always a plus
3. Come down physically to their level to look into their eyes as you talk.
4. Stay up on kid culture – Don’t ask them about “Rugrats” ask them about Phineas and Ferb
5. Give them things – stickers, candy, Bible bucks
6. Learn their names and their parents names
7. ALWAYS greet the kids before the parents

Retro Post – Guest Blogger: Introducing Funny Man Dan.

Funny Man Dan

I remember the first time I saw Funny Man Dan on a Hillsong Kids DVD. I thought to myself man this guy is funny, my suspicions were confirmed when my son said “Dad you are funny but not as funny as Funny Man Dan”. I was crushed (not really) but rebounded nicely. I remember when he first started twittering and we connected online. The more we connected online the more I realized that there was more to Dan than jokes.

He is a man who is passionate about a few things, his God, his princess and his kids, Hillsong Kids and now his own little princess. He has a amazing world famous blog, The Thursday Blog. Once a week (brilliant blog idea, only needing content for one good post a week wish I would have thought of that one. :) he posts a post that is his very funny take on life. I am thankful that God has allowed our paths to cross as I gleen from his take on Kids ministry, Comedy and now child raising. Should be a hooot.

If you arn’t following Dan you need to be.

Blog – The Thursday Blog
Twitter – @funnymandan

Leading Volunteers 101

lifeway kids ministry conference

The Lifeway Kids Ministry Conference is officially underway. Really enjoying meeting lots of new people. This is my first time to come to this conference. Love how each conference has it’s own personality. The opening session was both funny and engaging. Really enjoyed it.

I had the opportunity to do a pre-con breakout with my good friend and fellow blogger Gina Mcclain. We talked about The WHY of ministry, Creating a culture, Structure, and leading your volunteer spiritually.

Here is the prezi of our breakout.

YouTube Friday: Christmas Dinner

We are in the middle of a series called “Hope has come.” We are talking about how this Christmas we can help God’s kingdom come on earth. We have been talking about how we can spend less and give more.

Check out this hilarious video our church’s video team came up with. If you don’t find it funny we live in a very Italian area so it went over very well here.


Christmas Dinner from redeemer.tv on Vimeo.