Retro Post – Guest Blogger: Introducing Funny Man Dan.

Funny Man Dan

I remember the first time I saw Funny Man Dan on a Hillsong Kids DVD. I thought to myself man this guy is funny, my suspicions were confirmed when my son said “Dad you are funny but not as funny as Funny Man Dan”. I was crushed (not really) but rebounded nicely. I remember when he first started twittering and we connected online. The more we connected online the more I realized that there was more to Dan than jokes.

He is a man who is passionate about a few things, his God, his princess and his kids, Hillsong Kids and now his own little princess. He has a amazing world famous blog, The Thursday Blog. Once a week (brilliant blog idea, only needing content for one good post a week wish I would have thought of that one. :) he posts a post that is his very funny take on life. I am thankful that God has allowed our paths to cross as I gleen from his take on Kids ministry, Comedy and now child raising. Should be a hooot.

If you arn’t following Dan you need to be.

Blog – The Thursday Blog
Twitter – @funnymandan

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