Why You Might Experience Serious Regret this Thursday

Why You Might Experience Serious Regret this Thursday

My friends have done it again.  This time they’ve teamed up with 20 different producers to put together the most epic bundle I’ve ever seen for Children’s Pastors.  It’s really cool stuff, but the only catch is that they can only do this for 144 hours, then it’s over.  This deal ends on Thursday at noon.  If you want to turn $97 into $2,000 for your ministry, snag this and don’t cry yourself to sleep on Thursday night.  Visit www.only144.com to check it out.

Want your kids to memorize scripture? I do.

OK, you’re a children’s pastor and you’ve challenged your kids to memorize a passage for the week. That’s pretty normal, right? Now, sit back and image this: During the week, your kids go to your church website, click a button and log in to this brand new Bible memory service. They play this game called Verse Hero. You actually configured the game to play with your passage. After playing several times to beat your high score, the kids notice something else you made available. It’s a music video by Hillsong Kids, “My Number One”. It’s a perfect complement to the passage your kids are memorizing. You discovered the video on YouTube and easily placed it right next to the game for your kids to watch, listen to and enjoy.

Still imagining? Good, ‘cuz it gets better! It’s Saturday evening and you wonder, “Has anyone logged in to play the game or watch the video?” Unable to control your curiosity (and a touch of geekness), you log in to view reports showing the names of the children, staff and parents who have played the game and viewed your video. You sort the list according to score and see that Kyle Smith, Lisa Brown, Courtney Towne and Mrs. Tay (your devoted 3rd grade volunteer) have completely destroyed your high score. You smile, and remind yourself to bring four ice cream shop coupons to church Sunday morning, as promised.

Is this a dream or is this reality? (Just a little longer. I’m having fun with this.) Sunday morning went very well and your PowerPoint presentation clearly illustrated the meaning of reconciliation. The visuals and the flow were right on. No one could miss it. Except half the kids who didn’t show up! Your disappointment is relieved as you upload your work and make it available for everyone when they log in during the week.

OK, you can open your eyes now. Kids’ Bible memory is changing. Until very recently, everything you just imagined was only a dream, but not anymore. God has inspired, empowered and equipped a few people from New Castle, Pennsylvania to build this new Bible memory service for His kids all over the world. Churches from coast to coast are catching on to it. Listen in:

“This is just what we need for our J-Walk ministry.”

Mickey Gonzales, Children’s Pastor

Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California

“This is BOSS!!”

Jon Priddy, Children’s Pastor

Eliot Baptist Church, Eliot, Maine


We call this brand new Bible memory service Impress Kids. The name’s not original; we copied it from Deuteronomy 6:6-7, “These commands that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children . . .” We believe this is God’s desire, still and perhaps more than ever before. For this reason, Bible memory cannot and should not remain on paper alone. Not in a digital world. The visually dynamic and interactive experience offers tremendous possibilities for the memory process to be richer and more effective. Today’s kids wield technology almost instinctively. It’s their familiar and preferred platform. If we’re serious about the verses we assign our kids, it makes sense to present the verses in an engaging way kids are naturally attracted to.

Come, check us out at www.ImpressKids.com. While you’re there, play Verse Hero yourself. Also, play Granny’s Bible Dojo, the fun board-breaking-books-of-the-Bible game. Notice the Media Player, too. This powerful feature allows you to present dynamic media content related to your memory verses. Oh, and don’t leave the site without visiting our “Christ’s Church” example. It will help you visualize and experience this powerful service in a familiar children’s ministry context.

The revolution has begun and you’re invited to be a part of it.

Key thoughts from The Gospel Project

Matt Chandler
Theology of the Gospel

The idea that you can grow up in the church and now hear the gospel weighed heavy on my heart.

The Gospel is not a new solution to a problem

Don’t assume people have heard the Gospel and have been transformed by it. –

You have to teach morality within the context of the Gospel or people become self-righteous or beaten down –

“To stray from the gospel & teach the Bible as ‘good moral teachings’ is to rob the Bible of its power.”

“the hero of the story is Christ and His life, death and resurrection.”

The gospel isn’t a moral code to follow, but a call to discipleship that transforms us into holiness.

The connection of Holy living and the gospel – You want something you can’t control. It’s regeneration of hearts. – You have fallen from grace but God made a way in Jesus.

Regeneration frees you up and gives you a heart to delight in the law.

JD Greear –
Gospel and application –

Having to obey the law without a corresponding love for God produces hypocrisy.

When our heart changes our behavior changes.

‘The Gospel isn’t just a diving board to get you into the Christian life. It is the pool itself.’ –

Jesus accepted the woman caught in adultery before he commanded her to sin no more.

God’s acceptance is what frees us from sin

The gospel makes us generous because of Jesus’ generosity to us. He’s the greatest possession.

Sin begins as a worship problem we have to ends with a worship problem.

We need to always be opening people with the Glory of God.

The goal of every sermon is not information but worship. –

Everything we teach has to flow from the Gospel.

The theme of every page of scripture is what Christ has done for us.

“The Bible is not a story about heroes we should emulate, but about a Savior we are to adore.”

Problem w/ most #kidmin Curriculum is that kids come home with a todo list not a understanding worship and grace.

Worship is the fuel of missions.

if we teach only the moralistic passages of scripture, we end up teaching kids that scripture is about them and not God!

The theme on every page of Scripture is “Salvation belongs to God”-

Ed Stetzer
How Gospel Centrality connects to mission

Theology matters but it has to lead us to action.

I never want to preach a message that wouldn’t be true if Jesus didn’t die on the cross.

We must be explicit about the gospel. We need to ground people in the word.  Theology Gospel Mission.

Satan is not threatened by people who want to go deep [into the Gospel], but remain inactive.

The church does not need “knowledge consumers,” but “missional co-laborers.”

We need to be Theologically rich, Gospel Centered and Missional Driven.

Think Grow Know.

Really Gospel community leads to mission.

Is your life lived in response to the gospel? by the power of the gospel? and in the context of community?

How does the passage equip God’s people to live on mission.


Teach kids that these are not isolated fables. A chronological approach helps kids see the whole story.

How the Gospel effects “Professional Christians”

Matt Chandler – How the Gospel effects “Professional Christians”

 Chandler brought the word to the Chapel service for Lifeway employees. He brought a firm warning against gospel inoculation.

“The danger of working with the Gospel is that we handle it, package it, market it and in the end become inoculated to it.” – Matt Chandler

We as people who preach the gospel have to guard against the self-righteous attitude that we can have based our own works. As ministers our sin often isn’t going out and doing drugs it ministering without God’s help. It’s being addicted to the approval of others. If we continue serving our church, our family and our Lord in that mode we will pay a huge price.

“Our hope in Christ will dry up and die under the weight of our own confidence” – Matt Chandler

Our adversary wants to try and get us to make a trade. He wants us to talk about Jesus but never really know him. He wants us to embrace cheap grace a grace without discipleship a grace without misplaced confidence and affection. He wants to rob our faith and steal our joy. Our joy and our hope dry up the moment we place our confidence in the wrong thing. This is such a difficult thing to do. It doesn’t matter how humble you are we constantly are turning to worthless idols that our heart creates rather than worshiping our creator.

“Never trade Jesus for the idea of Jesus” – Matt Chandler

Such a powerful statement because we all default to the idea of Jesus, because we can control the idea of Jesus. Jesus as CS Lewis says “Is not a tame Lion.” This is something God has really been challenging in me. I have been asking myself for the past week or two this question. “When is the last time I put myself in a place that if God didn’t come through for me I’ld be in trouble?” Jesus is all about obedience. The idea of Jesus is often about our own comfort.

The last statement Matt Chandler said that really stood out to me was:

“There is something that happens when that switch flips and you get that God delights in us.” – Matt Chandler

I remember when I first understood fully that God delights in me just because he loves me. I grew up thinking my worth was tied to what I could do for Him. It was through tragedy that I learned this but it’s something I will never forget and it’s something I want to spend the rest of my life telling others about so that they to can have that switch flipping moment. When you realize that Jesus is consumed with you it does something to you and you can’t get enough of Him. Your life changes and you realize what Mother Theresa knew “Jesus is everything”