Lifeway’s Gospel Project

On March 14th I will be liveblogging a special one day event surrounding “The Gospel Project”. I had a chance to see some of their stuff a head of of time at the CPC confrence. It looks really good.
I love the emphasis they are putting on Jesus. I know that this may come across the wrong way but we have lost our concept of what Relevance is all about. Relevance needs redefining. It’s so much more than cool lights and a hip pastor it the communicating the essence of our faith in a way kids can understand with out stripping the gospel of it’s power. No matter what type of church you attend you need to at least check out “The Gospel Project.”
Here is a bit more about it:
On March 14th, get an inside look at The Gospel Project, LifeWay’s new gospel-centered Bible study resource, through a special webcast event. Trevin Wax, Managing Editor of The Gospel Project, will host as Advisory Council members Matt Chandler and J.D. Greear, and General Editor Ed Stetzer talk about gospel-centeredness in the lives of Christians and the church today.  

During the event, you’ll hear from each speaker individually, followed by a Q&A with Trevin Wax. Matt Chandler will discuss the need to make the gospel explicit in our small groups, J.D. Greear will discuss the need to ground our life-application in the gospel, and Ed Stetzer will talk about the need for gospel-centeredness to move us out on mission for God’s Kingdom. At the end, all four will gather for a panel discussion.

The Gospel Project Webcast will be an insightful and compelling exploration of the gospel and the way it transforms our lives, our churches, and the world. Don’t miss it! 

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