Color Calibration: When orange starts looking too red

We are starting a new series in our church on the book of Galatians. We will be talking about Galatians for 6 weeks in “Big Church” and 3 weeks using XP3 for our 5&6th graders. I also had the privilege of interviewing Sally Lloyd-Jones for the next edition of K! one of the things Sally said about the Gospel has gotten me thinking the past few weeks. What I took from her response to my questions is that we teach the Bible to kids as a list of do’s and don’t and we communicate to kids that the Bible is full of superheros that achieve things we never will. We don’t explain the Gospel to kids.

I am a fan of orange thinking but personally I think the kidmin community is thinking so much about the red (family) side of things that we are neglecting the Yellow (church) side of things. I am willing to be wrong but what kids need more than a milestones alone is a clear understanding of the gospel. Parents need to understand and communicate to their kids that virtues, milestones are great but being a good kid doesn’t save you. Doing things even good things doesn’t bring favor on your life. The gospel is Jesus Christ + nothing else = our assurance.

In all our talk about partnering with families we need to be clear that our goal is not modified behavior but gospel centered life transformation. So for those of us involved with teaching kids we need to ask ourselves before we think orange am I thinking yellow. Because when it’s all said and done it’s the power of the holy spirit at work in our lives that really transforms us and really transforms our families. It’s not virtues, milestones, spiritual disciplines alone that does  that work it’s the power of the gospel thorough the work of the holy spirit we must never forget, minimize or neglect that!

[thanks to Tony Kummer for helping with my blog title today.]

Retro Post Orange Week 2.0: Orange is the new Green

[Here is a post I did a while back that discribes where our church is coming from when it comes to the “orange philosophy”]

Going green has been all the rage the past few years. But there has been a colorless revolution that has been stirring in the hearts of Pastors and leaders worldwide. It now has a color and that color is Orange.

When I started in kids ministry 11 years ago I stumbled upon this principle with my best friend who was then the Youth pastor. We have been Orange for 11 years and it is amazing. We didn’t have a cool color for it we called it the “pipeline principle” which we basically describe as the seamless transition of vision, values from birth to collage.

What does orange look like in our church practically.

1. I am friends with both people who have been our youth pastors
2. We are building a church not individual ministries
3. The Youth Ministry and Kids Ministry share the 6th and 7th graders so they can transition at pace that is determined by each kid and their parents and not dictated by our programs.
4. I as the kids pastor go to Youth Camp and the Youth Pastor goes to my kids camp.
5. The teens that help in our 5th – 7th grade ministry are the Jr. High small group leaders for our Youth Ministry

These are just a few examples of a philosophy that runs very deep and through which we have seen God do amazing things.

We have seen Orange at work in our church for years it works. If you haven’t made the switch to Orange do it.

If you want to know more about Orange come to the Orange conference and experience it. If you can’t do that then contact me and I will try and point you in the right direction. Whatever you do, Go Orange Now the future of the church depends on it.

Here are a few posts I did a while back about the Orange Principle and how it relates to our church.

Working together 1 of 4

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Working together 3 of 4

Working together 4 of 4

imakidmin: find your element

My friend Michael Chanley has done it again. He has given the kidmin community another opportunity to connect and network online and with imakidmin maybe offline.

Chanley created Cmconnet a couple of year ago and it has quickly become a sort of  kidmin facebook I know I found a couple of kids pastors who live near me through Cmconnect. Enter imakidmin a social media site where you fill out a map of the US and the world by putting your physical location down on the map. I was amazed how many people I follow on twitter and read their blogs live within driving distance and that’s saying something for someone who doesn’t live anywhere near the buckle of the bible belt.

Check out Chanley’s new site and put yourself on the map literally. You can get to his site by clicking this link or by clicking the green element ad to the right.

Retro Post: What the church can learn from Ratatouille: Volunteer management

[Here is a post I did awhile back Mary-Kate posted a comment today so I thought I would bring it back up for debate or perhaps food for thought (pun intended)]
I saw this movie the other day and loved it. Pixar rocks. I thought there were quite a few clips that could be used as illustrations for kids or adults.

The first one I saw was in the opening sequence when Remy the rat first discovers he has a amazing sense of smell he knows that it is for something creative and good. He ends up saving his family from being killed because he could smell rat poison. How do they thank him. They make him the official food sniffer. They make him smell the garbage they are all eating. He ends up having to leave the family to find a place to express his gift.

I think the church does this to people all the time. We find out something that people are good at an make them do that instead of what they are passionate about. When someone comes to our church and we find out they are the best first grade teacher in city we in kidsmin start salivating. We can’t wait to get them plugged in doing something for our elementary aged kids. What I have found to be more effective is to interview that person find out what they love doing, just because someone does something for their job and just because someone is good at what they do for work doesn’t always mean they are passionate about it.

To find the best volunteers find out what love to do why they love it and make a place for them. Don’t try forcing people in to places you have created because you have a need alone, because someone else will come along and see the genius inside them. If you want to grow your volunteers know your volunteers.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today my beautiful bride turns — ! When I think of my wife I am there are so many things that flood my mind. I love that she is Italian, she’s an amazing cook. She is a great homemaker and creates an amazing environment for our family to grow in. My wife is an amazing mother. I love that we share the same values in life. I love that she helps me know when I am misplaceing my priorities. I love that she is happy for me when I do well and there for me when I fail. I love that we see eye to eye when it comes to raising our kids, we have our disagreements but how to raise our kids isn’t one of those. She is an amazing partner in ministry, part of the reason I can even have my little blog is that she allows me to write late at night (so I can keep up with my day job), and never gives me a hard time about it.

She is more beautiful today than the first day I saw her and was smitten. I know for a fact I would not be were I am or half of who I am if it wasn’t for my wife being who she is in my life. I am blessed to have a women like her to grow old with. Which we are doing quite nicely by the way.

Love you Babe.