Lessons for the long haul: Jim Wideman

I had a short lived idea to do a video podcast that I called TakeTen. It would TakeTen minutes to make and TakeTen minutes to listen to it. My idea was to interview different people in kidmin for ten minutes and release it as a podcast unedited and uncensored. The video aspect didn’t work so well so I thought I would turn the idea into a podcast.

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off TakeTen the podcast and wrap up my Long Haul series than to do an interview with one of the men I respect most deeply in my life Jim Wideman. He has truly been in it for the long haul. There a very few people out there who have the influence in kidmin that he has had over the past 30 years.

So TakeTen minutes and listen to what Jim has to say about the long haul. You’ll be glad you did. It is unedited and raw I don’t change anything. So if I make a mistake (something I do often) you can point your proverbial internet finger and laugh at me.


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  • Great to hear two of the most influential voices in kidmin today on that recording.
    BTW don't think a little advice from Bro. Jim is gonna help you win in our fantasy league…just cause you beat me week one doesn't mean it's over! I'm planning the biggest comeback in fantasy football history!

  • Love it Sam. You couldn't start with anyone better than Brother Jim. Looking forward to hearing more! As for the fantasy football league, I'd love to comment and talk some smack, but based on my performance in week 1, I think I'll just keep my mouth shut. 🙂

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