Do You Have A Farm System? You Should.

Does your church have a farm system?

A farm system in baseball is basically a small version of a major league team, where young players are allowed to grow and mature without the stress and bright lights of the big stage.

Our church has used a farm system.

1. Our Worship Team – All of our youth band and much of our Adult band started playing worship in our kids church.

How does this work? I stay in close contact with the person in charge of the youth and adult worship side of things always asking what needs they have and who could use a chance to grow through more exposure. In years past when we had live worship we started all musicians in our kids church for them to grow and learn when they were ready they would move to youth and adult worship teams as they grew in talent and confidence.

Right now we do DVD worship so the process is a bit different. The principle remains the same. I am starting a Preschool worship team and am looking to my 12-15 year olds to plug in to those slots so they will be ready to lead our elementary kids and soon our youth. Our lead pastor loves multiple worship leaders on stage at once so this is going to really help our church for years to come.

2. Our Team Teachers – We as a multi-campus church are always in need of more communicators. When I am looking to add more communicators to my kids teams I always try to think of people that I can work with that can then turn and use those skills to help our youth pastor and strengthen his teaching team.

At the heart of it you as a kids pastor need to realize that you are ground zero for your churches values. Find out what your churches values are embrace and and infuse them.

How does your team do “the farm system” I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Fathers Day Sam

Why I love Sam I Am

Yesterday was Father’s Day and I am sure most of you didn’t spend it reading other peoples blogs but instead with your families.  I’ve been thinking for a while of all the things I could write about Sam for Father’s Day and one thing stuck more than the others of why I love him so much.

I know that he doesn’t talk much about his family on his blog but that  is mainly because of me.  I am sure you are all wonderful people but it helps me feel safe and protected and that is why he refrains.  If you only knew how much of a family man he is! I would have to say that is probably the most amazing side of Sam right next to how he loves me.  But we’ll save that for another day!

The one thing I love about Sam is that he loves his family more than himself.  Many guys love their families- but they love themselves more. When you value yourself, you can properly love those that are closest to you.

Growing up his family didn’t have much but the bare essentials and because his father was a paster they moved around quite a bit.  I think Sam went to about 13 different schools.  But through it all he learned to value what they did have and that was each other.  I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw the way he treated his sisters and mother. I had never seen anything like it and none of him has ever changed. On Mother’s Day when we write cards to our families I tell his mother Annie if we can raise our boys like you and Paul (Sam’s Dad) raised Sam I would be completely content. Sam is wonderful.

The boys and I love Sam.  We love who he is and how we feel when we are all together.  When he’s gone it’s not the same.  Life isn’t as much fun.  Sam is everything to us .Growing up life didn’t seem so fun to me unless friends or extended family was involved but for Sam it was sort of the opposite.  He had the most fun just being together with his family and that is what I wanted for my own family.  To have a great time with others – but to have the most fun just being together.  That is one of the many things Sam does for us as a family.

Gianni, Santino and I love you.  We love who you are and twe wouldn’t change it for the world.  You are an amazing father and you love us so selflessly everyday.  There is not anything more we could ask of you.  Thank you for loving us!

Happy Father’s Day Baby!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-20

  • Just reserved my name specific URL in facebook. Here is basic info about it. #
  • Free Book: Less Clutter. Less Noise by Kem Meyer #kidmin #cmconnect/// Picking a winner 6/15/2009 #
  • Picking up some Tai food on @Daughtry recomendation. #
  • My fortune cookie said "Society prepares the crime; the criminal commits it." Very weird. #
  • Back in uptown after being gone for 2 weeks. Sweet Barbra I missed everyone. #
  • Hoping and dreaming of a new iPhone #squarespace #
  • Have you tweeted #squarespace today? #
  • RT @danscott77: working on August 252 small group curriculum…. #kidmin – LOVE getting ahead!! #cmconnect ///// Ditto #
  • Lots of small stuff to do around the house plus need to do lots of video editing. Should be a full day. Gotta love days off. #
  • Still hoping to win the iPhone from #squarespace #
  • Make sure you check out the great sites made via #squarespace. #
  • Using twitterfon for a bit cause tweetie is busted. I miss how fast tweetie loads. #
  • I just made a sandwitch waiting for twitterfon to load. So so sloooooow. Tweetie update come quickly. #
  • Quiet day on the #kidmin hashtag. Is it busy kids pastors or somehow connected to the Twitpoclopyse? #
  • So much for twitter being narcissistic. #
  • Sitting in staff meeting starting to have separation issues on my second day without my laptop. #
  • FreePhone please! #squarespace #
  • iphone uphone we all phone for iphone #squarespace #
  • Getting ready to head home. Just completed an old school work day with no computer. Weird. Can't wait to get my mac back. #fb #
  • Just Downloaded the new Tweetdeck for iPhone app. So far so good. Goodbye twitterfon! #
  • So far like iPhone tweetdeck as much ad tweetie and that's saying something. #
  • Bad time for tweetie to still have a broken seach feature. Really really like tweetdeck for iPhone. Tweetie #fail #
  • Going to bed and will be dreaming of 3.0 #
  • What is one topic that you wish would get talked about at a #kidmin conference that never seems to get talked about? #
  • A little FYI if your profile picture is a pile of money. Please do not follow me and make me waste my time blocking you #
  • Taking @mikeservello to the airport. Listening to some @andystanley. #
  • Up early today. They say the early bird gets a worm. I'd settle for an iphone. #squarespace #
  • 12 minutes to iPhone 3.0 #fb #squarespace #
  • Right Now liking tweetdeck for iPhone. Also like skype, things, and evernote. #
  • The perfect follow up to iPhone 3.0 yesterday would be iPhone Free.0 today! #squarespace #
  • I think right now i pretty much HATE WP 2.8 so stinking funky right now. I am paying the price of early adoption. #
  • Free iPhone on iPhone 3Gs release day. #squarespace #
  • Slept 10 hrs. Last night. Crazy. #

The Devil Senses Potential Why Don't We?

One of the things I have always heard growing up in church is the devil can’t see our future but he does sense potential.

We recognize that the enemy of our soul is out to derail us from our God ordained destiny. He has been doing this for years. If you have been a christian for any amount of time or just a casual watcher of TBN you have seen your fair share of destroyed destiny.

As a kids pastor and parent one thing I think we need to do a better job of is sensing potential in our own kids and the kids that come to our weekend experiences each week.

How can we do this?

1. In your own kids: Recognize the area of weakness in your child that the enemy would love to exploit. Make your child aware of it and how to avoid basic pitfalls. For instance if your child is compassionate teach your child how to care for others and help give them skills to guard their hart from the cynicism that would crush that God given gift of compassion.

2. Kids at church: Do you have a farm system? In baseball they put young players in small towns on teams with less talent so they can grow in their gifting. All of our youth band and much of our Adult band started playing worship in our kids church.

3. Kids at church: Kids pastor are you a good talent scout. One thing we must get better at is recognizing strength and creating a venue for kids to use that strength to build the local church. When kids go to school and are recognized for their abilities in the arts but we at church say the arts are not welcome. What kind of message is that. I grew up loving the arts the only place where I could express myself was in kids church. I joined a puppet team because someone saw potential. Kids pastors ask the Holy Spirit to help you recognize potential it will change your ministry.

4. In your own kids: Parents find out what your kids are good at beyond just sports. I study my boys and watch them play, interact and respond. I want to be able to strengthen their weakness and to grow in their strengths. I want them to understand that school learning, sports and plays are great but temporal the kingdom of God is eternal. You need to learn to use those gifts to build the kingdom of God.

Start today look for potential world changers sitting in your sunday school class, small group or dinner table because even if you are not looking the devil is.