10 Things Every Kids Pastor Should Know about Pixar's UP.

1. Will I like it?

Yes, Pixar delivers again. The only Pixar movie I had any sort of mixed feelings about to date was Wal-E.

2. Can I bring kids from the church to it?

Yes. It shouldn’t be PG the only reason I could see the PG tag over G is brief but tasteful themes of aging and dying as well as a brief scene of angry dogs could scare some very small kids.

3. Will my own children like it.

Yes and Yes most kids pastors’ children are huge fans of talking animals.

4. Can I show it at my church for something like a special movie night.


5. When can I go to the bathroom (or more likely take my kid to the bathroom).

I think once they lift off and the boy scout character is safe in the house, you are safe for a potty break

6. Can I use this movie for a sermon illustration?

Definitely. Themes in this movie include: Caring for others, keeping promises, Friendship, Selfishness vs. Self sacrifice, and Dreaming Dreams.

7. Was it long?

Yes and no. It wasn’t cars long but it was a typical Pixar movie in that they have complex characters that take some time to develop. I loved every minute because you are caught up in the story to many cartoons like so much of the crap hollywood comes out with has no depth, complexity or tension.

8. Would I see it again.

Like we used to say in Drama class in Bloomingdale Sr. High “It was better than Cats, I’ll see it again and again.”

9. What questions can I ask my kids after seeing this movie?

1. What is a true friend
2. What is most important in life.
3. Why do we need to keep our promises?
4. What does the bible say about keeping promises?
5. What is your idea of adventure?
6. If you could one thing in life no matter how crazy or wild it sounds what would it be?
7. Which character was most loyal and why?
8. What was your favorite part, and why?
9. What does it mean to assist the elderly?
10. What is one way we as a family can assist an elderly person?

10. Why did I as a kids pastor like the movie?

I could see the importance of connecting with kids who come through our doors who may or may not have a father. I think it showed how we need each other not just to be there for the big stuff but just to be there. I think it would be a great small group leader training tool to show how the small things in a kids life make all the difference.

Anywho LOVED it LOVED it LOVED it. Take your kid or someone’s kid and go see this movie. Just don’ t go alone.


My inspiration for this post came from a review I read online on Wired about what every parent should know about Pixar’s UP.

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  • Perfect again Sam! I am going to send my volunteers to this post if you don’t mind. LOVED point #10. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great review. Can’t wait to see it. Can you put this up on the 365 page for parents?

  • I loved this movie!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great Movie! Will definately see it again with my kids. Great story, themes and fun. Yes, excellent discussion starters with your own kids and with kids in your church. Homerun for Pixar – Again!
    Looking Up,

  • Sandy,

    Thanks feel free to use it however it serves your needs.


    Just added it to the uptown news site and sent out a email link to parents.


    Wow first time comment on my blog. Thanks for reading and commenting.


    Lots of great stuff in this movie. Pixar is so genius. Loved all the teachable moments in this one. Is it a coincidence that Steve Jobs is/was the CEO of both Pixar and Apple. I don’t think so.


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