Personal Post: My boy Gianni.


Last week my oldest son woke up and was unable to walk. Very scary for any parent. I brought him to our doctor. And he was admitted to the hospital within 20 min. again very scary for parents.

We got to the Peds unit. Everyone was great but it was hard to see things like TV’s and such dedicated in memory of kids.

We had a few Docs look at our son. We got a painful combination of good news, bad news and no news. There is something about seeing your own child in a hospital gown with an IV, no matter how serious or routine the ailment is that makes you sick to your stomach.

Gianni went through loads of tests they thought at first he had a staff infection of his knee. Over the course of next 3 days through much prayer and trust the doctors finally believe that he either has reactive arthritis which is basically a reaction to virus or juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. We are believing and praying it is the former.

As a sinner saved by grace who still struggles with trust often last week was very hard for me. I love my boy Gianni so much he has an amazing sense of humor, he has a soft hart and a smile that will one day melt many harts. There is nothing i wouldn’t do for him. I know that his future is a big as the cookie on his tray.

Thanks everyone for your prayer I know they made all the difference because we serve a supernatural God!

6 thoughts on “Personal Post: My boy Gianni.”

  1. Hey Sam, We’re all praying for you and your family. Praying that Gianni makes a full recovery soon with no long term health challenges!

  2. Sam.

    I hadn’t read this post until now, sorry I haven’t been reading my daily devotions. I have repented 🙂

    Just want to let you know that we are still praying over here. How is he going now?

    Tell him that because he has been so brave I am now a little less scared of spiders and chickens (but only a little).

    Have fun


  3. FMD,

    Gianni is doing great. Everyone seems to believe it was a temporary arthritis caused by a virus.

    I appreciate your prayers. I appreciate your concern, and friendship I look forward to meeting you one day, as does Gianni.

    Thanks for being a MOG (Man Of God) FMD.

    Gianni will be glad to hear you are less scared of spiders and chickens.


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