Christians today are Theological idiots.

It’s true. I ashamed to admit that for a long time in my life I looked at Theology as an obstacle to “real” ministry. I started working with kids in my early 20’s and shamefully thought that Theology and doctrine were of no use to me as they were to weighty for kids. Most Christians and many churches have no use for doctrine as we have successfully made Christianity a personal thing. Understanding the personal nature of Christ’s sacrifice is very important but thinking that Jesus is my personal Genie in a bottle is devastating. It’s plainly seen in our worship music much of it now days is focused on me and my relationship to God the personal side of our relationship with him. Hymns seem to be more focused on the unchangeable truth of who He is. This is unfortunate because few things connect theology with the non-theologian like music does.

I have come to the realization in my life that Theology matters. It matters not because we want our kids at age 6 to pick a side on the age old Calvinist vs. Armenian battle. Theology matters because we do what we believe and we teach through the lens of our experience and understanding. What we believe about the church affects how we relate to the church and what we teach our kids about the church. What we believe about Justification affects how we walk out of Christian faith and demonstrate that to others.

Our responsibility is to think through why we believe what we believe. We need to own our Theology because we have a responsibility to teach it to our kids and model it to the next generation. Am I theological savant? Nope, but I the years to come I want to do everything I can to think through deep truths, distill the truth of them and deliver them in a way that kids can digest and apply them to their lives.

One of the things I am working on right now is a book for parents and church leaders to help kids understand theological truths and create a proper Biblical worldview that is slowly being expunged from our culture.

Last night I was putting my kids to bed and my middle boy had a rough day. I told him he needed to make better choices. He’s only four years old and he said “Ok Dad, I’ll try harder.” I told him “You don’t need to try harder. What you need to do is trust more. You need to trust Jesus because we all need God’s help.” I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking they have to try harder. I want my kids to grow up thinking they have to trust deeper.

Theology matters.

5 Reasons Why I love the Path

I am not sure what it is about social media that no one is on that I find so attractive. I left MySpace at the hight of it’s power to head for Facebook. I left Facebook for twitter and have flirted with Google+ A couple of days ago “Path” came out. So far I really like it.

Here’s why.

1. BEAUTIFUL iPhone interface
2. It’s more intimate. Yah I did it I said social media and intimate in the same sentence. You are limited to 50 friends. 50 friends is amount of friends you can keep up with unless your avatar is a wheelbarrow of cash.
3. You can share what music you are listening to. I love music and discovering new music.
4. Because it’s limited to 50 people I feel more comfortable saying no to some people and more comfortable sharing more of my life that I just won’t ever do on FB
5. It gives you the ability to share on FB, Twitter, Foursquare and tumblr at the touch of a button.

What I don’t like. Hyperlinks are not clickable.

All in all. Well done path. Well done.

Spotify: Spot on

I don’t know if you have heard of the new music resource out there on the inter-webs but there is a new WAY better than Pandora music source out there called Spotify. Spotify has been in Europe for a while and was just released in the US recently and is still in limited release. I got an invite by signing up for a Klout account here is the link.

Here is what I love about Spotify:

1. CD quality sound
2. Every CD you can remember they have it
3. Brilliant desktop interface as good or better than iTunes
4. It’s free (if you can put up with banner ads, and I can)
5. They have everything you can think of from Yancy, The Lads, Hillsongkids to MXPX, Petra and even The Beatles.

How I plan on using it?

1. I listen to music when writing and editing (like right now actually)
2. I got a free trial of the 9.99 a month mobile version and play music in my car through my iPhone it’s amazing.
3. Preview new CD’s to see if they are worth the 10-15 bucks.
4. Listen to old CD’s you can’t find anymore.

Spotify hurry up and don’t change a thing – well maybe make your mobile version free or at least cheaper than 10 bucks a month.


My Favorite Music videos.

If you follow my blog or twitter account you know I have crazy love for music videos. I still remember when I discovered you can watch any music video you want on youtube. I could litterally watch music videos for hours. I think that every kids pastor should watch music videos. Why?  You ask. Watching music videos you can learn a lot about being a better story teller. The words in songs and the stories that are created in videos are an amazing example of visual story telling.

Here are a few of my all time favorites.


Love Lost by the Temper Trap

Life in Technicolor by Coldplay

Shine by David Crowder Band

Outrage by Capital Lights

Strawberry Swing by Coldplay

How He Loves by John Mark Mcmillan

Christmas Lights by Coldplay

Where the Streets have no name by U2