Why you should attend LifeWay’s Kids Ministry Conference


The next conference I will be going to this fall is Lifeway‘s Kid’s Ministry Conference. I have never attended Lifeway‘s conference and am very excited to be teaching three breakouts. I will be doing one on volunteers, one on leading for the long haul and one on the 5 things ever leader has to get right.

I had the privilege of going to Lifeway‘s special web event with the Gospel project rollout. I met many of the Lifeway team and they were fabulous. I really love their heart for kids ministry and their willingness to grow, learn and listen. Loved what I saw and our church is actually going to start using the Gospel Project in the fall.

Here is why I’m excited about going to Lifeway‘s Kids Ministry Conference.

1. I love their non-traditional speaking line up – Tommy Bowden and John Croyle sounds more like a SEC smack down. Lisa Harper and Shawn King will be there as well. Really looking forward to hearing from each of them.

2. Doug Fields will be there. I have heard Doug speak at Orange for two years in a row and was impacted greatly by his message. Really looking forward to hearing from him again.

3. Looking forward to connecting with some of the people who run the Gospel Project.

4. Some of my best friends will be there! Can’t wait to see them.

If you want to register CLICK HERE

10 people that impacted me most this year

10 people that impacted me most this year

1. Pastor Servello – The founding Pastor of our church – Amazing leader I constantly learn from his example
2. Mike Servello – My best friend and one of the most visionary leaders I know. I am constantly challenged by his generous spirit and passion for those who are far from God.
3. Sally Lloyd-Jones – Opened my eyes to the need for our kids to understand “The Gospel”
4. Jim Wideman – Amazing Leader who lives what he says and cares more about people than titles.
5. Andy Stanley – Hands down best communicator I have ever heard.
6. Timothy Keller – So challenged by how clearly and passionately he communicates the essence of the Gospel.
7. Doug Fields – His message at the orange Conference about family rings in my ears daily.
8. Jonathan Cliff – One amazing kids pastor and friend who talked me off a few ledges this year.
9. Kendra Fleming – Love her passion for kids and the practical resources she provides in her blog. Got to tour Northpoint church this year. So appreciate Kendra’s passion for the local church and other Kidmin leaders.
10. Mike Hughes – The worship pastor/administrator at our church whose friendship and wisdom I can’t live without.