The gospel and our feelings


Americans love the New Testament Jesus. I have read many blog posts over the past few weeks that talk about feelings, that paint Jesus as this hippie that talks about love all the time, unlike his grumpy dad who kills everyone in the Old Testament. The Old Man is harsh and Jesus is squishy and awesome. It just feels right. The problem with so many Christians is our reaction to legalistic judgmentalism isn’t to turn to Christ, who is both Just and Justifer instead we end up falling on the other side of the horse to squishy liberal theology of feelings.

The hidden blessings of smaller and having less.


I love the United States, but one of the things I have come to notice through spending time in other countries is we are obsessed with extra-large everything. Nothing is exempt from our obsession, from sodas to cars to the homes we live in, we are hypnotized by truth we hear seemly all around us Bigger is always better. But is it really?

How to export highlights from your Kindle.

kindle_2366549b I love to read but one of the things that kept me from reading books on a kindle was I could not export my favorite quotes from a book I was reading. I could only share those quotes on social media. So for a while I shied away from kindle and chose to real paper read books. I would highlight the book then go back and type all the highlights by hand, a tedious task for sure.

7 Years ago today

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 9.37.22 PM

Seven years ago today one the kids in our kids church suddenly went home to be with the Lord. I’ll never forget that day and what I’ve learned since. A couple of months ago I read a book by Malcolm Gladwell in that book he talks about a man who lost his son in tragedy what the father said moved me the first time I read it and still does every time I read it.

“Even today I carry a death within myself the death of my son and I am like a decapitated pine. Pine trees do not regenerate their tops they stay twisted and crippled. They grow in thickness perhaps and that is what I am doing.”  – Andre Trocme

Such a powerful image of the pain and the strength loss brings. It’s why I love the gospel because the gospel tells me that the God I serve is not safe but that He is good.

We miss you Robert.