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The Prize Zondervan Theology Collection (7 vols.). The winner will be chosen at random on August 1st and the collection will be sent to the winner’s Logos account. Don’t have an account? No problem! You can sign up for free here and download free apps to read your books on any device here.

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Grateful for my sponsors

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I appreciate everyone who stops by my site and adds to the conversation. I want to take a few minutes to urge you to check out some of the things the people who sponsor this site have to offer. Please click-through and see what they have to offer it will help me out and hopefully help your church out as well.

Jonathan Martin Creative – They are an unbelievably talented company our church will literally never look the same because of them. Every week when kids come to Uptown and their breath is taken away. I am so grateful to JMC for the time and energy they put into making our space amazing.

Bible Bucks 2.0 - Winner of the 2010 Children’s ministry expo’s Jawdrop innovation award. Bible Bucks 2.0 is a new way to do rewards at your kids church. It’s a web-based reward system that will leave your kids talking.

LifeWay Kids - The people at LifeWay kids are great. I have had the opportunity to talk to them several times over the past few years. Love their spirits and passion for kids ministry now they are advertising their Zip curriculum on my blog. You definitely need to check out the stuff they are coming out with.

Discipleland - Discipleand produces all varieties of kids ministry curriculum. They even have some lessons for nursery aged kids, and a section to download free resources. Check them out by clicking the banner to the right.

Worlds of Wow – Is a one stop shop to custom theme your church or business. Regan heads the company up and is a stand up guy. They put in our indoor playground in our church and 5 years later the kids love it like the first time they played in it.

Awana –  The more I read and learn about Awana the more impressed I am with them. They are offering a free download
called “11 ways to instill a biblical worldview in your kids” Worldview is such an important thing for your kids to possess. It’s through their worldview they process everything the see and hear. Go now download this great resource.

Samaritans Purse  - Love what the people at Samaritans purse do for children in other countries. 6 dollars can allow 12 kids to hear the gospel for a year. Head over there now to learn more about it.

Orange Curriculum- Love the heart and message of Orange. So appreciate Reggie and his team. Love Reggie’s passion for the church and family ministry. They are giving away free curriculum right now! Click on the link above or the banner to the right for more information.

D6 Conference - One of the few conferences I have never been to but have heard many great things. Knowing the people who work for D6 and help pull this off it’s a conference you don’t want to miss. If you are thinking about attending a conference this year please consider D6

Moody Publishers - Moody has come out with a new book called “Just a Minute” which asks the question How long does it take to make a difference in the life of a child? Great question for parents and pastors alike to find the answer to. To find out more about the book click on the link above or to the right.

Lightstock - If you are anything like me you are always creating flyers, hand outs, informational pieces for people in your church. The problem is finding something is cheese free and faith-based. You can’t find pictures of small groups in action in too many places. So if you are looking for some great stock photography check out Lightstock.


Would you take your kids to a porn shop?

online safety guide

The answer is no. I wouldn’t and you wouldn’t. Yet here is the problem we hand our kids iPhone’s, iPad, Tablets, Game consuls without thinking twice. Whenever you hand you’re a mobile device or allow your kids online you are giving them access to everything. As a parent you can’t just trust that everything will be ok. In fact, 30 percent of all data transferred across the Internet is porn. YouPorn, one of the larger video porn sites, streams six times the bandwidth as Hulu. You have a responsibility to teach your kids to be responsible digital citizens.

I have put together a resource to help you and your parents be better digital mentors to your kids. In the resource is links to helpful websites, articles and a step by step walk through how to use the parent controls in OS7 and Android. I am giving it away for free I am asking that you sign up for my forthcoming digital digest that you will receive weekly that will summarize all my posts.

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(If you are interested I did two other posts – one on the urgency of this issue the other on the Theological side of this issue.)