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It features over $1,600+ worth of Children’s Ministry resources for only $97.
Here’s something cool for the first people who order:

The first person who orders will get a brand new Amazon Kindle.
The first 10 people who order will win the new PRAISE VBS Curriculum from GOFISH ($199).
The first 20 people who order will win the book Stretch by Jim Wideman ($15).
The first 50 people who order will win the MissionSix Superhero CD.
The first 100 people who order will win the iShine LIve DVD.
The first 200 people who order will win a YANCY CD.

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To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment with the answer to this question: What big goal do you have for your Children’s Ministry this year? I’ll pick one winner on Thursday, January 12 at noon (exactly 24 hours before the sale goes live) and announce the winner on this blog. So…what’s your answer?

Only 23 Hours Remaining

It ends forever at noon, on Thursday, August 18.  Go to www.only144.com.
ONLY144 has been working on putting together this epic bundle sale for several months partnering with 15 different resource providers.  The stars have literally lined up for this to happen.  I wanted to let you know about it, because it truly is an incredible deal if you’re looking for a boatload of awesome resources and I think this will bless a lot of churches.
There’s only a few hours left.  Once this deal is over, it’s over, so I hope you can take advantage.  With tight budgets, this is a real winner.  It’s an easy way for you to turn $97 into $1,074 worth of Children’s Ministry Resources for your ministry.
23 hours to go…tick…tick…tick…visit www.only144.com.

Hijacking Quotes

I had this thought the other day. What if I could hijack a quote and take it over so that people think I actually said it when I really didn’t. What quote would I choose.

Here’s my list

1. The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. – Hans Hoffman

2. I believe in Christianity as I believe in the sun: not only because I see it, but by it I see everything else – CS Lewis (actually anything CS Lewis says would work just fine)

3. Big gulps huh? Alright see you Later. –   Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber.

Those all make my top ten list but the hands down winner, if I could hijack any quote it would be Mother Teresa “Jesus is everything.”

What about you what quote do you wish you could hijack?