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To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment with the answer to this question: What big goal do you have for your Children’s Ministry this year? I’ll pick one winner on Thursday, January 12 at noon (exactly 24 hours before the sale goes live) and announce the winner on this blog. So…what’s your answer?

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  • Easy. My goal for 2012 is to set the foundations that our children's ministry can begin to build upon.

    Matt N.

  • My big goal is to set up an organizational structure and plan for growth by having things in place to accept that growth.

  • My goal is to create a sense of ownership among my volunteer leaders. I want them all to be excited about teaching kids about Christ. I really believe this will help them to continue to prepare our kids even more and help us to "let go of the bike" so that our preteen ministry can coach our children to become self feeders in the Word.

  • FOCUS!!! Our kids team is working to become laser focused this year!!

  • My goal is to help parents do a better job introducing and applying Scripture in their kids daily lives. My first attempt at this is to create a blog (not nearly as cool as yours however!) with a Scripture each day and a small way they can apply it. My parents can access it through the blogsite, or through a Facebook link. While they are in the car to or from school they can present the Scripture and then be on the lookout for ways to apply it. Each month there will be one main Scripture, so that at the end of the year they will have memorized at least 12 different ones. Then each day of the month the Scripture of the day will connect with the monthly one. So far I have had good response from my families.

  • I would like to develop a culture in our church where family build their relationship with Christ together, at home. This year, our children’s ministry will be fostering an environment where families are encouraged to grow closer in thier walk with the lord together.

  • For twentytwelve, my biggest desire and goal for Children's Ministry is to discover and implement a fresh strategy for leading children and families into a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ that causes a new or renewed passion to worship Him. We have great programming and ministry in place, but revival is what we desire . . . and I believe it will begin with the children.

  • My goal for our children's ministry in 2012 is to bring new life into each and every one of our children's program's. To reconnect with my passion for Christ, (at CPC-February) so I can ignite their passion. To commit to seeking out and making a connection with every family.

  • I'd like to focus on volunteer appreciation and management.

  • Our church has great Sundays and Wednesdays, so this year my goal is for our ministry to begin a ministry that takes place entirely off-campus (right now I'm looking into a good-news club). That's my big goal for 2012.

  • I take over as Children's Pastor this week.My big goal is to set the foundations of the whole ministry both for now and for the person who will take over when I leave.

  • Our big goal this year is to elevate our influence and engagement with our community by offering week-long summer camps and to start a preschool or after school program! We’re very excited to be able to provide these opportunities for families in our community who may not already have any connection with the church! Thanks do much Sam, for the opportunity to win such an awesome package with resources that will undoubtedly help us as kidmin to reach kids and their families in new ways!!!!

  • That children and families will be committed to obeying and following God everyday in real life

  • My goal for 2012 is to continue building a foundation for our new Children's Ministry and to build up a strong leadership team who is focused on reaching children and their families for Christ. Also to continue creating a child friendly environment where kids feel welcomed and loved.

  • e-mail for previous comment =D

  • My goal for 2012 is that everyone who is part of our Children's ministry (kids, parents, volunteers) grow spiritually and more in love with God!

  • My goal for 2012 is to get all of our role descriptions in place so it's much easier to recruit, train and evaluate volunteers.

  • My Goal for 2012 is for our kids to develop an authentic relationship with God.

  • Think small. Small groups, that is. =] One of my primary goals is to establish family small groups to help equip kids and their parents to create more authentic relationships with God and each other.

  • Organize; I know it sounds generic but that is it, I want to organize all of our policies/procedures/ and all the little details that could either be a hindrance, or help us succeed.

  • My big goal is to offer better trainings and orientations. People feel "scared" to volunteer and need to feel better equipped. We are in a multicultural city church and I am being told that they "just don't know what to do with"these" kids!!!" LOL I say be their friend and share God's love, but it doesn't seem to be enough. So better equipping is my goal!!

  • My goal for 2012 is to bring together a team that loves God, loves kids, and makes a difference in the lives of families in our church and community.

  • Praise God my Goals have already started coming to pass!! Thank You Jesus. Our church is growing tremendously and with that so is our children's attendance so a much needed Pre-Teen Class starts February, Much needed new faces to fill these new positions and the ones of others moving up and Praise God he is doing it!! This is just the beginning!!!

  • To develop a thriving Kids Church. Our former Kids Pastors left our church suddenly and I stepped in this position "temporarily". Well, a year later I am still here and I love it, but I need so much help on how to lead, organize and teach each of these precious gifts. Man how kids have changed, and I have to learn how embrace and include all levels (very small church)…

  • My goal for our children's ministry is to make our program an inter-generational ministry that will involve people from every age group working together in teams. We want authentic community that allows our people to grow closer to God and in community. We need to tap into the wealth that is our senior adults that don't sometime feel that they are needed, or still have some way to contribute

  • That our children will grow spiritually in their walk with God.

  • My big goal for our Children's Ministry this year is to build strong families that can love, support and teach each other, strong in their identity in Christ and equipped with the tools they need to grow together and stand strong against the enemy's attacks. This year, kids will know firmly who they are in Christ, and they will want to share the love of Christ with a servant's heart.

  • Goal for this year (2012) is change. I have several things cooking but I'm still in my maiden year here at the church (anniversary in late February), and though I mistook the calling to the church as willingness to change and move forward, it's actually been difficult for people here to consider doing things differently from how they've always done things.

  • So….who won???

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