Why you should attend LifeWay’s Kids Ministry Conference


The next conference I will be going to this fall is Lifeway‘s Kid’s Ministry Conference. I have never attended Lifeway‘s conference and am very excited to be teaching three breakouts. I will be doing one on volunteers, one on leading for the long haul and one on the 5 things ever leader has to get right.

I had the privilege of going to Lifeway‘s special web event with the Gospel project rollout. I met many of the Lifeway team and they were fabulous. I really love their heart for kids ministry and their willingness to grow, learn and listen. Loved what I saw and our church is actually going to start using the Gospel Project in the fall.

Here is why I’m excited about going to Lifeway‘s Kids Ministry Conference.

1. I love their non-traditional speaking line up – Tommy Bowden and John Croyle sounds more like a SEC smack down. Lisa Harper and Shawn King will be there as well. Really looking forward to hearing from each of them.

2. Doug Fields will be there. I have heard Doug speak at Orange for two years in a row and was impacted greatly by his message. Really looking forward to hearing from him again.

3. Looking forward to connecting with some of the people who run the Gospel Project.

4. Some of my best friends will be there! Can’t wait to see them.

If you want to register CLICK HERE

50 gigabytes of storage space for free?

Box.net is offering an incredible deal. If you download their iPhone or iPad app you get 50gb of space for life. Most people in kids, youth and music ministry share files in preparation for the weekend service this is a great option. Box.net also gives us a 100mb upload size wich is very generous for a free option. I use drop box but may switch because the ability to share files in Box.net seems much more intuitive. Also because Box.net is integrating Google Docs into its main web application, giving all its customers the ability to create and edit Google Docs from within Box.net (for a small fee, but it’s still an option). If I was you I would check out Box.net as soon as possible as this is a limited time offer.

Retro Post: Wisdom of Kids

I was looking on the web the other day and came across this site that has quotes from kids. I love reading quotes from kids because kids say what many times we think but have “learned not to say”.

Often we read books and blogs about how to teach kids in a more effective way but this week I want to do a few posts about lessons we can learn from kids.



Blogging: A Beginners Guide: What?

My first post in this series covered Why we blog. This post I want to talk about What you need to know once you have decided to start blogging.

1. Ask yourself What is my goal?

– If your goal is to earn money, or to have control over the look of your blog.  You need to self host with WordPress or Joomla. Both of these add permanence and both have lots of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Why should you care about SEO? SEO will allow others to find your content easier.

– If your goals for blogging are more along the lines of personal discipline or you are not sure you want to stick with blogging than a web hosted solution is best for you. WordPress.com and Blogger are two great options. They are web based and easy to set up and don’t cost you any money.

2. What do I wish I knew when I started?

– No matter what you do Web hosted (free) or Self hosted (paid) you need to buy a url that describes your blog. I chose Samluce.com because I want to blog no matter what I do in ministry. I enjoy it. My friend Kenny has a great blog his is Childrensministryonline.com very kids specific. No matter what you do take my word for it buy your own url.

– I wished I would have decided what my ultimate goal of blogging would be and changed my blog address and platform three times and it made the growth of my blog slow at the start.

– I wish I would have know how facebook and twitter are the best ways to promote your blog to the people who are most likely to benefit from what you write.

– I wish someone would have told me blogging is about what you can give to the community you are trying to reach not about trying to get people to come to your site. When someone leaves a comment or asks a question respond. Get outside your own blog and leave comments on other peoples blogs.

– Write down blog ideas especially in the beginning. One of the hardest things about blogging is finding your voice (what are you an expert about), finding your rhythm how often should you blog, speaking to your audience sometimes will make you rethink if what you are going to post is helpful.