How to stay warm if you live in the South.

This winter has been very cold especially if you live in the south. I can’t remember a winter where there was more snow and cold weather than this one, there was the Blizzard of ’93 but this year has been colder by far.

I thought I would put together a little guide to help my friends in the south stay warm.

1. Stand in groups.
2. Stack wood or shovel something both actives guaranteed to keep you warm.
3. If you have a hot tub use it if you don’t have one make one.

4. Drink warm things we here up north drink coffee like it’s our job.
5. It may not warm you physically but it will warm your heart to receive tweets from people in California telling you how they are wearing flip flops. Just thinking of it now warms my heart.
6. Wear something warm. If you can’t buy something warm. Kill something and wear it.

7. Take you pick up truck out for a drive, crank the heat and turn up Brooks and Dunn.
8. Fly to Cupertino – Not sure where exactly it is but it comes preloaded on my iPhone weather app. And their weather mocks me daily.
9. Burn something – always works

10. Throw a party fill your house with fellow southerners and make fun of people who live in South America because they could never handle the cold winters in the south.

YouTube Friday: Why the North won the war

One of the things I find funny is how serious the south still takes the civil war. I remember hearing people from the south on a few occasions say that they can’t believe that the north won the war, after someone from the north does something stupid (we definitely have our share of ding-dongs up here.) I started to think maybe the south should have won, they are more polite, they have sonic, chick-fil-a and sweet tea. Then I discovered this video and the corresponding website and I was reminded afresh why the North won the war.

Here is his incredibly nuts website. Caution! Ducktape your head first so it doesn’t explode as you read.