If I win you win!

Here’s the deal the good folks at Zonervan are doing a REtweet contest. They are giving away four copies of The Jesus Storybook Bible curriculum. I only need one copy for our church so if I win you win. Even if you don’t use the curriculum you will get 44 videos one for each story they are incredible.

How I’ll do this contest for an amazing resource is the 3 people who RT the following tweet the most will win a copy if I do.

RT @samluce Zonderkidz is releasing a new amazing resource based on The Jesus Storybook Bible #jsbcurriculum”

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7 basic rules of Twitter etiquette

If you are new to twitter or are just getting started here are a few basic rules of etiquette that I learned the hard way.

1. If you someone Retweets one of your tweets, thank them. The new way twitter does RT’s makes it more difficult to know when you have been RTed, but do you best to find out and be thankful.
2. If you quote someone give them credit
3. Be yourself. You will never be as funny as @Jonacuff stop trying so hard.
4. If you can’t say it in real life don’t say it on twitter. Once you post it you can never take it back. We have all used the toothpaste illustration have we not?
5. Double check your direct messages. Nothing more embarrassing than a public reply that is supposed to be private.
6. Please don’t post the same post from multiple accounts. Think through why you have more than one account. If you are using your multiple accounts correctly very few people should know you have more than one account.
7. Give more than you take