Kidmin Resources you need to know about.


I am doing a series at the beginning of the year called the 12 resources you need as a leader in 2012. I came across this blog post and thought that there were lots of good resources linked to in it. As we leave 2011 enjoy following these links with many more to come.

I think after vision and calling the next thing that is important is the resources you choose to use.

I am a huge believer in reading and networking because you become like those you choose to listen to. I know that my philosophy was largely shaped by my time alone with God and the ministries/resources that I allowed to shape my thought process.

I believe it’s Ed Young who says this “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”. So with limits on time and budget the resources you pick matter.

(Disclaimer this by no means is a comprehensive list, but is meant to be a starter list to get ya going.)


252Basics & MyFirstLook– We have used this curriculum for 5 years. I love it is the most flexible curriculum out there main reason Word Documents and PDF’s – Also church plants can get 252Basics free for the first year.
Elevate & Elevate Jr. – We have used this curriculum – Love what they do as far as training small group leaders by video every curriculum should do this.
Big (from Hillsong) – Loved the simplicity and effectiveness of their small group stuff and as you would expect the production quality of the videos stuff they produce can not be touched by anyone out there.
Kidmo & Little K – This is the only one out there that I have not used. But if my good friend Jim Wideman likes it that’s good enough for me. – FREE! Need I say more? I am so impressed by Lifechurche’s desire to serve other churches with the resources they have. I really like this curriculum. We use it in one of our campuses. (Important note the regular series stuff they do is seeker driven Konnects is their deeper discipleship stuff.) It is worth a look see.


Children’s Ministry Leadership Guide
Transforming Your kids into spiritual champions
The Effective Executive
Raising Great Kids
Think Orange
Volunteers That Stick
The Tipping Point
The Purple Cow
Inside the Magic kingdom
The Starbucks Experience
My First 90 Days in Ministry


Napkin – A new conference with lots of great speakers and different format all based around the idea of leveraging ideas to see change.
Orange – A conference for Youth, Children, and Senior pastors centered around the idea of leveraging the combined power of church and family.
CPC – The original Children’s Pastor’s conference.
C3 – Went to this conference a few years ago the Mike Johnson and his team at fellowship church do an amazing job. If you use elevate curriculum this conference is a must.
Group’s Kidmin Conference – I am very excited about this conference it seems like the creators of it over at group see the need for a relational, social media, conference and I for one agree. I am so looking forward to attending this october.

Twitter Peeps –


Blogs – – Tons of articles, ideas, and links
Inside Northpoint kids Kendra and her team rock my face off with every post.
Andy Hayes – Redeemer’s Albany Campus Kids pastor
100 to Kidmin blogs from Ministry to – Unbelievable that there is well over 100 kidmin blogs. 3 years ago there was only a handful. You got to love the kidmin community and the content that is out there.

Ministry Networks

Kidology – Resources, ideas and connections with other Children’s Pastors
CMConnect – Facebook for Kids Pastors

Podcasts –

Cmtalk – A general children’s ministry podcast
Ministry-to-Children – Tony Kummer – Interviews leading experts in the area of children’s ministry.
TakeTen – My podcast where I record a ten minute interview with kidspastors and post the ten minute podcast unedited.

Why buy toys when you can rent them?

Here is a crazy idea that just might be brilliant. Especially for small children ages 2 and under. Don’t buy toys rent them. The youth pastor at our church pointed this site out to me and I found that there were a few of them out there.

Benefits of renting toys for small children.

1. Verity without the expense of buying lots of stuff
2. You are not wasting resources and creating more trash.
3. This is a great way to add toys to your Baby room at church and keep a rotating choice of toys without the cost or waste.
4. Often times baby’s grow out of toys or just grow tired of them quickly this is perfect.

Here are the sites I found that offer this service.


The Rizers New Album: Rise Up

Have you ever gone to see a movie because the first one was so good and you left wondering why you wasted your money. I have. The new Rizers CD was nothing like that in fact I may like the second album better than the first one.

Before the first Rizers CD came out I thought that scripture songs were forced, dated and often times lame. The first Rizers CD “Meet the Rizers” set the bar for scripture songs for kids in my opinion. I was curious to see if they would be able to match the quality of their first album they did that and some.

I love how they take scripture and bring it to life in a way that it gets stuck in your head whether you like it or not. Every time I hear kids worship that is made on this level I think how blessed our kids are to grow up with resources like these. When I was a kid we had a singing Robot named Colby and Bullfrogs and Butterflys.

You kids will love this CD I guarantee it. We do a dance party with our kids most nights before bed. The new Rizers CD has made it’s way right after Party in the USA and Dynamite. Track 1 John 14:27 (Do Not Be Afraid!) is our favorite. We also like Track 04 Philippians 4:13 (I Can Do Everything!). If you have kids or are looking for some fun Scripture based worship music for your kids church you need both of their albums.

One last thing. I love the rizers because they believe in the local church and their mission statement is right on! Our mission is simple, we want to instill in kids a love for Jesus Christ and his Word through Scripture memory, praise and worship. We need more resources to help our kids love the bible. So go out support The Rizers download a disk today from Amazon, you will thank me later.

*The Rizers provided me with a free copy of their CD to review.


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