My ten favorite posts of 2010

My ten favorite post of 2010

Love Jonathan’s honest, humors look at life and ministry.

Matt wrote a guest post on my blog that I thought was spot on. Environment matters. – Matt’s guest post

Here is another post by Matt on Technology. I love Matts forward thinking on church and technology.

Kenny offers ton’s of practical real world advice on his blog one of the things that moves me more than anything else is kids baptisms. Check out Kenny’s post.

Dan Scott offers some amazing resources to help you grow your story telling abilities.

Gina is a good friend and when it comes to connecting with families nothing comes close.

Jeff is a newcomer to the kidmin blogging world here is a great post from him on what he’s learned over the past year.

Few people make me laugh like Jon Acuff he has to be the funniest Christian on earth. I am sure there funnier people but I also sure they are all dead.

Kendra’s blog is the best blog on the web hands down. I love it. It have everything I look for in a blog brevity, honesty and is intensely practical. If you don’t follow her blog start today.

Lastly but not leastly a couple of great Post by Dale Hudson. I met Dale a few months ago and love his stuff on leadership.

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