10 Things Back To The Future Got Right.

Happy Back To The Future Day!

One of the things about getting older is every day something happens that makes you feel older. Today it’s the reality that I was a teenager wondering about how amazing life would be like in 2015. I remember adding up and realizing that I would be 40 years old and thinking “That’s old.” The future is here and as Marty would say it’s heavy. It feels weird that we are living in the day that Marty only spent a short time exploring and trying not to mess up. So today being Back To The Future Day make sure you watch out for a silver Delorean materializing out of nowhere. One of the things they missed in 1985 was the massive popularity of infographics as well as the insane power of beard toting hipsters that being said here is a great infographic on 10 Things Back to The Future Got Right. Enjoy.

Via Glow New Media.

Guerrilla Parenting – The Power of Family: Intro

Importance of Family.

As a children’s pastor you see the good the bad and the ugly of family. I have come to realize that great churches, youth churches and children’s ministries are just as much a reflection of great parenting as they are great pastoring.

This week I want to take a parabolic look at being a great parent and how we as children’s pastor’s can help partner with parents.

I recently watched Charlie and the chocolate factory. I remember the first time I watched this movie, I was a bit creeped out by Johnny Depp’s character who I felt resembled Michael Jackson with a better Plastic surgeon but by the end of the movie I was impacted by the powerful theme of the importance of family. I was struck by the mistakes that parents made in the movie. I found them to be a caricature of real life. There were many times I was laughing. For something to be funny it needs two things…. timing …… and must be relate able. (Perhaps one of reasons I found the movie funny is as a children’s pastor at times you feel like Willy Wonka.)

I want to talk this week about the relate able aspect of these characters. Sometimes I think we can say “Thank God I am not like that parent.” But I can see how I could be every one of those parents in the movie if I am not careful.

In the next few days I will talk about how to ruin your kids.

Augustus Gloop – No self-control
Violet Beauregarde – Wrong Priorities
Veruca Salt – Give your kids whatever they want
Mike Teavee – No Boundaries