7 apps every leader should have

1. Evernote – Amazing tool to organize and find information fast. Michael Hyatt loves it and has many blog posts about it check them out.

2. Producteev – Amazing to-do app I use every day. Love the collaborative aspects. Syncs to a cloud. Love it! Read more here.


3. GroupMe – Great tool for your team to mass text each other casually and can even do a massive group phone call. It is horrible for groups as big as 20 its sweet spot is 5-7 IMHO. I blogged about it here.

4. Read it later – Love read it later especially when I am traveling. I can send news articles and blog posts to it for offline reading.

5. Dropbox – Great file sharing tool for your whole team. The 2GB size account is always free sign up now!

6. ProRemote – If you use ProPresentor, and you should best worship presentation software on the internet by far, you need to get the remote app. It has been a lifesaver more times than I can count. Love ProPresentor.

7. YouVersion – Love YouVersion it’s my bible of choice. Such a great app it’s been around forever and keeps getting better.

Why everyone should use Google+

I found this video over on Michael Hyatt’s blog I think it does a good job of explaining the potential power of circles. I know a lot of people have made reference to Buzz and Wave both massive failures. I think Google+ plus is going to redefine social media it’s privacy settings are up to you it’s called circles. It’s not some on/off switch buried 10 layers deep an as a father with kids whose pictures I’d like to upload for my family but not for the friend of a friend of a friend.