3 things I learned from Infuse: Ask Good Questions


One of the greatest things I got out of Infuse was a good ole fashion verbal butt woopen from Bro Jim. I went to a “Spend-a-week” Conference with Bro Jim and I didn’t even say Hi to him. I never asked a question and I never waited to speak to anyone. I always felt I would be bothering him or other speakers at a conference. I have learned that isn’t true at all and honestly it’s changed everything.

CS Lewis says “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

I decided that I was going to get over myself and grow. Here is where we have add a disclaimer we have to know why we want to grow. If you are talking to Reggie Joiner because you want to impress him. Do you need affirmation Reggie that you can and should only find in Christ or do you want to learn from Reggie because you want to be a more capable servant.

It’s Jim Wideman’s Birthday Today!


One of the more moving things for me is going to funerals. Hearing everyone say such nice things about someone is important but It does little for the dead guy.  I think it’s a good idea to tell people how much they mean to you when they are still around to hear it. So with it being Jim Wideman’s birthday today let me tell you a few things I appreciate about Brother Jim:

1. He loves Jesus – His life is driven by that passion first. All the other loves in his lives find their place behind Jesus.
2. He raised a great family – Not an easy task but when you can be in the ministry for 30+ years and your wife still respects you and both your kids are passionate about Jesus. There is nothing greater
3. He taught me to practice thankfulness. There are many things I have learned from brother Jim but practicing thankfulness is something I do each day.
4. He loves the church more than his ministry. So many people out there use the church to build their ministry. Jim’s ministry is about building the church that is rare and beautiful.
5. He doesn’t believe his own bio. – He is humble and cares more about people than he does about extending his legacy.
6. He believes in me more than I believe in myself and everyone needs someone who does that.

I am so grateful beyond words to the whole Wideman family. Each of you have impacted my life in a different way. Y’all are a massive blessing to the Luce’s and countless others. Thank you and Happy Birthday Brother Jim and Roll Tide.

Make sure you stop by his facebook, blog or tweet him happy birthday if Brother Jim has impacted your life in any way let him know. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone: Practice Thankfulness.

Today is Thanksgiving. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten was from Brother Jim. He told me that when I feel overwhelmed or feel like giving up I need to practice thankfulness. I am so grateful for all of my families.

1. My personal family I am spending the week with them such a blessing love my family to bits.

2. My church family – So blessed to be part of a church family that loves me and my family. I am blown away by the team God has allowed us to be a part of.

3. My blog/kidmin family – Appreciate each of you stopping by my blog adding your voice to the conversation. You all bless me beyond words.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy you families. Practice thankfulness.

What I learned from Jim Wideman Pt.3

When you feel discouraged practice Thankfulness!

Out of all the things I have learned from Brother Jim this one has helped me the most. I am not a person who gets discouraged often, but I think because of that when I do get discouraged I have often found myself having a hard time getting out of it.

Children’s ministry like most other ministries can bring discouragement but having the tools to deal with that discouragement makes all the difference. Knowing that prolonged periods of discouragement lead to discontentment and ultimately disconnectedness the sooner you act the better. When I now experience feelings of discouragement I do what David did when his men threatened to kill him. I encourage myself in the Lord. I think of all the thinks God had done in and through my life. It is so easy to forget what God has done many time because it’s a process of a few years you don’t see the drastic change that God has done.

How do you practically practice thankfulness?

1. Think of what God has done in your family and Thank Him
2. Think of what the ministry you serve in was like before you came and Thank Him
3. Think about the opportunities personally and professionally God has given you and Thank Him
4. Rehearse how God has demonstrated his love to you and Thank Him.

What do you do when you feel discouraged?

Click here for more information on Brother Jim’s mentoring Group Infuse

What I learned from Jim Wideman Pt. 1

Last week I flew to Tennessee to take part in the last retreat of the second year of our infuse group. For those of you who don’t know Infuse is a now 6 month leadership mentoring experience with Jim Wideman.

We had an amazing time connecting with eachother but most of all learning from Brother Jim. Infuse and brother Jim came to my life as an answer to prayer, 11 years after I prayed it. When I first started working in kids ministry I would have given anything to have a mentor, someone to speak into my life to help he gain proper perspective. To keep me from making some of the mistakes I did. Learning the hard way has some advantages but I am a strong believer in learning from the mistakes of others so you don’t have to repeat them.

Even after being in kids ministry for 13 years I still need a coach. There is something that is healthy and necessary to have someone in your life that can speak into your life personally, professionally and spiritually. I am so grateful to brother Jim and his family for their time and for pouring into the lives of so many other Children’s Ministers from around the country. My life has been truly touched by your wisdom and grace.

If you are new to Children’s ministry or have been in kids ministry for years I can think of no greater step for you to take than to fill out an application for Infuse 5. Six months learning from Brother Jim you will be a different person. I know that many of the things I learned over the past couple of years I will not soon forget. I would like to spend the next couple of day going through some of the things that I have learned from my time in Infuse.