What Should Dating In High School Look Like?

In my previous post, I said I believe kids should date in high school for many reasons, chief among my reasoning being:

“I am convinced that our kids need to learn the art of friend-making and friend-keeping. They need to learn to have a conversation, with someone of the opposite sex because should they get married, they will need to be talking to their spouse daily. The time in high school should not be dominated by serious exclusive relationships but should be a time, where with the help of loving adults, our kids learn how to be good friends.”

So what does that look like practically?

Rather than give you a checklist to follow I thought I would discuss principles that should be informing the details you choose to embrace.
Friendship is a learned behavior.

In high school, students should learn to be good friends. Friend making and keeping is a life skill that trumps STEM knowledge every time. Friendship is different than sexual or familial love in that it is technically unnecessary biologically speaking. It is, however, a foundational skill for both marriage and family.

3 relationships every Leader needs: A Friend


Three relationships every Leader needs:

I don’t know how it started or where this leadership concept came from but it is one of the most deadly ones because it appeals to our sense of doing what’s best for the company or church. The idea that as a leader you can’t or shouldn’t have close friends is not only absurd it’s downright dangerous.

My Brother, my Friend

My Brother, my Friend

“i need more grass, more grass. The Greener the better!” He said, looking down at me. As i came back with two fists full, He would say, “That is perfect Sarah…now let’s wait and see what happens.” Then, together we sat huddled behind an old oak waiting. Though we were just kids my brother Samuel had a plan. My job as Sis was to gather as much green grass as i could. i would then hand it to my brother who would bravely climb trees strategically placing the grass between the branches. We spent much of our childhood in the North Dakota woods. You see, we were convinced we were making nests for the birds.

This was something we did on a regular bases my brother and me. As kids, we would go into the woods and use our imagination. i rarely remember toys being part of our fun. i do NOT remember fighting or arguing. For most of our childhood my mom says i was in love with my brother. How could i not, being with my brother made me feel as though all was right in the world. He was my hero and my Best Friend. From a young age i remember how Samuel made whomever he was with feel valued, he is still that way to this day. The quote by Jim Elliot says, “wherever you are, be all there.” That is Samuel. When he does anything, He does it with all his heart for for the Lord. The love and attention he has for whomever he is with is so focused and Christlike. Everything he does seems to echo how much he cares.

Even now, as it is your Birthday My Dear Brother, i see that brave little boy – now a man, climbing the big oak with a Plan. What a beautiful plan indeed. Still building nests. No longer for the birds, rather, nest that hold families together. What a beautiful nest you have of your own. Samuel you are a gift to so many. For your life is making a difference in families, Church’s, and Children. How proud i am of you. i must say i am not at all surprised at the amazing Man of God you are. As the Lord continues to unfold all he has in store for you, it is going to be fun to sit back and watch. “For i can not wait to see what happens!”

Happy Birthday to You, my Brother my Friend.

Love you always,
your sis sarah