Michelle Anthony – God Gives Sight

michelle anthony The Gathering

Equip: Gathering #2: God Gives Sight
Michelle Anthony

Michelle talked about how we have to gain God’s perspective and the difference between sight and perspective. Below are my notes from her session followed by my thoughts.

Why do we deal with symptoms rather than deal with the source. 

It’s very easy for me to think that the story that we are apart of we miss it. We lose site even though we may be in every scene He is the author of our story. 

Craig Jutila – God Restores

Tru Gathering David C Cook

David C Cook – Tru “The Gathering” 2014

Session 1 – God Restores
Craig Jutila

Craig opened up The Gathering by sharing about our God who restores. Craig shared about his family and his life in ministry how he was broken by in his brokenness God restored what mattered most. It’s very easy to pretend but pretending never leads to restoration only further deception.

Abraham Lincoln on our need for prayer



Today is National Day of Prayer. One the persons at the prayer breakfast I attended read a proclamation by President Lincoln from 1863. It was such a moving declaration of our nations condition at that time and I believe of our present condition. It is a well timed fresh reminder that our peace and security is not our doing by comes from God’s divine hand of providential grace. Lincoln says this line that is so profound and so powerful “in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!”

Why keeping our kids safe doesn’t work


My earlier post covered a shocking stat that 9 out of 10 kids ages 8-16 have viewed pornography online.

The things McDowell says we should do are right and good but they must be based on the foundation of the Gospel. McDowell said that if you think you can keep your kids from view porn online you are fooling yourself. He said that if you home-school your kids and think that by doing that you will keep them from being exposed to pornography you are deceived. Your kids will see pornography at some point as a parent and as a leader must protect our kids yes but we also must prepare them or we will lose them.

Brutal right.

We as parents need to take steps to protect our kids but we must never fall into this false belief that our steps to protect our kids are enough. We must avoid this thinking that focuses us on what we do and how we can control the outcomes and trajectories of our kids lives.

AHA book review


Idleman uses the story of the prodigal son as the background for a book about what happens when we come to the understanding that we need forgiveness, that we are a mess and our only hope is in Christ.

A couple of years ago I read the Prodigal God by Keller and I found myself unintentionally going back to Keller’s book as I read AHA. It isn’t an indictment on Idleman’s book but Keller’s book was the first I had read on the biblical account of the Prodigal son. While I enjoyed both books, I enjoyed how personable and all the illustrative stories from Kyle’s life that he shared with us. Also being a Generation X’er myself I found his life experience hit very close to home. Idleman book spans three big moments in the life of the prodigal. Awakening, Honesty and Action. AHA.