Make Jesus Famous?



There are a few sayings in christianese (the language Christians speak) that grate at me. One of those is the saying “Make Jesus Famous.” It may just be a me thing. Some times God allows me to be frustrated with something because He is after something in me. It seems that many people in the Christian world are tagging photos of things they are proud of in ministry with the hash tag #makingjesusfamous Here’s the problem. I can’t see their heart but God can. So I’m not sure if they are actually doing what the bible would consider fame worthy.

Self-esteem is ruining your kids


As a child of the 70′s I grew up 80′s where baby boomers were loving life, loving love and loving themselves. This translated to every area of life including their parenting. The seeds of self-esteem were laid by my parents generation and have taken full root in my generation. It’s this idea that kids need to have a positive outlook in life, they need to love themselves. While in limited ways this can be true the pervasiveness of this idea is killing the collective conscience of our country and is ruining our kids.

Today Christians are often too quick to abandon their church, organization, small group, friend or spouse when the going gets tough. People would rather split than go through the frustrations of working through the problems. This tendency results in shallow relationships, which in turn result in minimal depth to the fruit of their labors. In fact, learning to pay the price of commitment is a key to developing deep fruit in ministry anywhere in the world.

5 way to survive a bad meeting.


If you are a leader on any level for better or worse meetings are a part of your life. it’s unavoidable. I am not going to tell you how to do a good meeting Patrick Lencioni does a far better job than I ever could in his book “Death By Meeting.” It’s a must read for any leader.

I have also blogged about why no one comes to your meetings.

What I want to cover is how to survive bad meetings. Bad meetings do more damage than we realize. Bad meetings produce silos, mavericks and rebels. Bad meetings tend hurt more organizations than anything else. It’s often in a bad meeting that energy and vision is crushed and conformity is pushed. Bad meetings force people to abandon the ship of team and jump on the life raft of department.

3 things having no cell phone has taught me

cell Phone off

I have been a mac evangelist since 1997 the way Steve Jobs thinks blows me away. Here’s the thing. I use my iPhone for everything it has to be the single greatest innovative thing Apple has ever done. I am rarely without my iPhone. I left for Australia a couple of weeks ago and if you know anything about international roaming fee you know that it forces you to look for wifi hotspots with the same frivolity I search for the coffee first thing in the morning. I arrived back home in the states my phone starts doing weird stuff, dropping calls, showing no services then out of nowhere it heats to ear scalding temperatures and starts dropping it’s charge even when plugged in. Once the phone had fully discharged it’s battery it was not turning on and was not responding to being plugged into a computer or to the wall. So I am without a phone for the next few days.

It’s actually been a good thing.

Here are the 3 things I have learned by not having a cell phone.