Anatomy of a team.

My last post about the Mav’s got me thinking about the elements of a great team. What are the things that I believe make a great team not just a collection of talented people. You can have the best people at every position but if you don’t have a team you will never see your goals realized. Do you need talented people? Absolutely.

1. Common Goal – If everyone on the team doesn’t share the same goal and know where you are going you will never win.

2. Chemistry – I remember the 1996 Yankees they were amazing what was so amazing is there wasn’t a superstar among them. Scott Brosius played 3rd. Everyone who knows anything about baseball would tell you A-rod is a better player but as a fan I miss Brosius. What the 1996 Yankees had was chemistry.

3. Organizational clarity – When everyone on the team knows where they are going the part they play.

4. Mutual trust/dependance – If all the members of the team don’t feel that they need each other and can trust each other your team will never grow beyond the level of your collective insecurities.

5. Mutual submission – As a leader or member of a team you need to submit to each other you need to humble yourself and listen to each other and even go a step further and roll up your sleeves and help another team member even though you don’t have to because we as church leaders need to lead like Christ.

6. Need to know who the leader is – A team never replaces a dynamic leader. I in no way want to imply that a team replaces a leader. God gives leadership and those entrusted with it must lead, not apologizing but always mindful that they are leading because God has allowed them the opportunity.

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YouTube Friday: Best Political Speech Ever

A few weeks ago I had a video of a southern politician who made a very funny video and had an equally funny website. This week it’s us Yankees who are at the receiving end of a crazy political video. If you want to be a more effective public speaker as you watch this make sure you have a fresh pad of paper and a pen because he has a Masters in CommuniCATION.

This guy is a Yankee and straight up nuts. Enjoy.