Spotify: Spot on

I don’t know if you have heard of the new music resource out there on the inter-webs but there is a new WAY better than Pandora music source out there called Spotify. Spotify has been in Europe for a while and was just released in the US recently and is still in limited release. I got an invite by signing up for a Klout account here is the link.

Here is what I love about Spotify:

1. CD quality sound
2. Every CD you can remember they have it
3. Brilliant desktop interface as good or better than iTunes
4. It’s free (if you can put up with banner ads, and I can)
5. They have everything you can think of from Yancy, The Lads, Hillsongkids to MXPX, Petra and even The Beatles.

How I plan on using it?

1. I listen to music when writing and editing (like right now actually)
2. I got a free trial of the 9.99 a month mobile version and play music in my car through my iPhone it’s amazing.
3. Preview new CD’s to see if they are worth the 10-15 bucks.
4. Listen to old CD’s you can’t find anymore.

Spotify hurry up and don’t change a thing – well maybe make your mobile version free or at least cheaper than 10 bucks a month.


imakidmin: find your element

My friend Michael Chanley has done it again. He has given the kidmin community another opportunity to connect and network online and with imakidmin maybe offline.

Chanley created Cmconnet a couple of year ago and it has quickly become a sort of  kidmin facebook I know I found a couple of kids pastors who live near me through Cmconnect. Enter imakidmin a social media site where you fill out a map of the US and the world by putting your physical location down on the map. I was amazed how many people I follow on twitter and read their blogs live within driving distance and that’s saying something for someone who doesn’t live anywhere near the buckle of the bible belt.

Check out Chanley’s new site and put yourself on the map literally. You can get to his site by clicking this link or by clicking the green element ad to the right.