3 Surprising things I do to prepare to speak to kids.


Earlier this year I read Eric Mataxis’ book on Bonhoeffer. One of the quotes from that book that always stands out to me is when he says

“he (Bohoeffer)often said that if one couldn’t communicate the most profound ideas about God and the Bible to child something was amiss.”

I think there is a huge problem in the kids ministry world where we don’t teach kids certain things because we feel they need the basics. I agree. But I also disagree because we feel that simplicity of a message is more important that clarity. Kids have a far greater ability to understand the problem most often lies with us not understanding profound ideas about God and bible enough. I know for many years I would ovoid such things in my messages to kids thinking they were incapable of understanding hard truths. What I’ve found is that the problem many times is my understanding of Scripture. The more I learn the more the Holy Spirit reveals the better equipped I am to tackle the hard things.