Napkin Conference Wrap Up.

Last week I had the honor of speaking at the Napkin Conference for my good friend Pastor Benny Perez.

What were some of the highlights of the Conference for me?

1. Being able to see the church that my friends Pastor Benny and Pastor Wendy and their team have built.
2. Meeting some of hero’s and connect with people I love, honor and respect.
3. Connecting with some great kids pastors from around the country.

Here are some of the take aways from each session.

Opening session: Mycal Rosales

1. Determine you are called to that idea.

Function under authority
Fast – pray and seek God.

2. Determine if your idea lines up with the vision of the house

3. Determine that your idea can stand up to opposition
Seek wise council –

4. Determine if your idea has a healthy place to live
Greatest Ideas will die in an infectious environment

Napkin 2012 – Mycal Rosales: Small Groups

John 13:12-15
1. Lead by example

I do it
You do it
I watch you do it
Your on your own

2. Evaluate

Ask good questions.
Asking questions makes you vulnerable

Allows you to connect on a whole different level.

3. Be confident
You have to be confidant if you want others to confide in you

4. Hold people accountable
Confront in love – ask follow ups – ask open ended questions

5. Set expectations
People can’t read your mind tell them what you expect.

Napkin 2012 – Dave and Becky Wakerley

My job is not to get everything done but to make sure everything gets done

1. Do not let familiarity blind you. – God can work through anything even vomit.

1 Cor. 2:10

What are you declaring over your church? What are you building

2. Improvise  – not making stuff up – its reshaping something.

Improvising – The idea is motion it’s the courage to keep going.

3. People before role.
Phillipians 2:3

People aren’t a list to complete. If we think about tasks more than people we are not thinking about the future.

Be like Kermit do something beautiful with crazies!

Deut 23:13

Sometimes you have to be first. You have to set the standard and create the culture.

15 min of fame – come rehearse lead and leave – had to smash it and start over

Work on making our before better in uptown

Work on vision and goal – for your team.
Dress to impress – fun color – plug in smile welcome think fun!
Preschool drumbox guitar – elementary video with a guitarist – preteen – full band

Napkin 2012 – Jim Wideman
Churches don’t work on their structure that’s why you don’t grow.

3 areas that affect growth.
1. Organizational structure
2. People to serve
3. Facilities

People need to serve more than you need the help.

You burnout when you stop following.

The further removed you are from something the less it has your heart!

Napkin 2012 – Ryan Frank – excellent communication

10 tips to keep your audience from dozing off.
1. Perpetration is everything
2. Connect with the audience
3. Keep your slides simple
4. Don’t use notes unless you frozen
5. Create conversations
6. Ask good questions
7. (Sorry Ryan had to use the restroom before my session)
8. Tell a story
9. Remove physical barrier
10. Wrap up with good review

One more thing – Never stop learning!

I am a big local church guy. I loved that Napkin was created, facilitated, and taught by kids pastors. If you get a chance to go to Napkin next year do not miss it. It was a smaller conference but I really liked that. People were really connecting with each other and with the speakers. There were only general sessions no breakouts so the whole experience was shared. Mycal and her team did a fantastic Job. I talked to many kids pastors that were encouraged and ultimately the church was strengthened. Great church and great conference.

Conferences I’m attending: Napkin

Really excited to be apart of the Napkin Conference – I love the vision of this conference. To be a conference that is more about helping people clarify and even facilitate the dreams, ideas and visions God has given folks to do ministry different.

I’m really excited about going to Napkin for a few reasons.The first is the speaking line up they are all children’s pastors currently serving in a local church. I am a huge fan of hearing other kids guys who are still doing the work of the ministry not just retelling war stories of years past. To me how many of the speakers are currently pastors is a major part of what makes me decide to go to a conference. I am a huge believer in the local church. I believe that the church is God’s idea and is the vehicle he uses to reach a lost and dying world.

I also really like the fact that Napkin is going to be a bit  smaller than other conferences to me that’s an advantage because it gives you more opportunities to have conversations with kidmin legends like Jim Wideman, Dave Wakerley, and Ryan Frank If you are coming to napkin or thinking about it use this opportunity to connect with those guys but also with other kidmin leaders who are attending.

Lastly I love the general session only thing. I have never been to a kidmin conference but I think I am really going to like having a shared experience. I love conferences with breakouts but being able to hear all the speakers and process everything together is going to be steller. Can’t wait.

If you want to register do it before February 1st. when the early registry time will end. Here is the link to their registration site.

Which conference is the greatest?

Tomorrow I will go into more detail about why I think Orange Conference is unique but today I want to touch on something that I have noticed out there I call “conference supremacy.” It seems in my experience that some conference goers feel that the conference they attend is the only conference that should be out there. I disagree wholeheartedly. I may have a conference or conferences that I prefer, I however am grateful at the many options out there.

Cliff and I had a conversation the other day about how cool it was that there were so many options of conferences and how each one is unique in its own way. He wrote a great blog post about it today.

The one conference he doesn’t mention that I will be at this year is Napkin –

What makes Napkin unique

1. It’s put on my a local church. I am a huge believer in the local church.
2. Every single speaker currently serves on the staff of a local church
3. Napkin is about making big ideas a reality.
4. The format is smaller and fosters a collaborative feel
5. I have known Pastor Benny for 15 years and respect the heck out of him.
6. I get to meet Dave “The Legend” Wakerley. Very excited.

Cliff is much smarter than I am so instead of trying to duplicate what he said here is the link to his post today.