3 reasons I can’t wait for Group’s KidMin Conference


Honored to be a part of Group’s KidMin Conference. Love Chris Jones and her staff. They have such great hearts to help refresh and equip kidmin leaders from all over. Really appreciate what they bring to the conference scene.

1. I get to teach a breakout with my good friend Gina McClain. She’s amazing, such a great leader you do not want to miss hearing her heart on volunteers.

2. I really like that the whole hotel is taken over by people from the same conference. It forces lots of great random conversations.

3. Looking forward to connecting with other leaders in and outside of breakout, main sessions and conversation pits. Looking to grow, learn. Can’t wait!

It’s coming just around the corner. A couple of weeks ago they sold out in only their second year! Very impressive – If you want to get on the wait list you can do that here.

4 Things to keep in mind when deciding what conference is right for you.


I remember when I first became a kids pastor years ago there were only a couple of options when it came to attending a conference. It was this or that. There are now so many conferences out there that how you pick conferences has to change. I believe that you now need to attend a conference based on what you feel your needs are. Until a couple of years ago I had only attended a few conferences in the course of 12 years of ministry. I was not a conference junkie by any means. I did pick conferences that I felt would help me grow a pastor and leader.

Over the next few days I am going to talk about the conference I will be attending in the fall and highlighting a few of each conferences strong points. This by no means will be a comprehensive list, but rather a point of reference that I hope will help you make the best decision for you and the ministry you lead.

I believe you need to keep a few things in mind before blindly booking a conference package. As you read my posts over the next few days ask yourself these questions.

1. What area do I need to grow in most this coming year?
2. Where is my church at presently and where is it headed?
3. What is the bottom line price of this even with pre-cons included?
4. What value can I add as someone attending?



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