Pastor as Leader

Pastor Your Leadership Matters More Than You Think.

Much has been written on this subject and for good reason, because the church needs not just good men it needs good men who will lead people to Christ. Leading people to Christ inherently requires leadership. The Christian life is not one of separation and study alone. It is one of interaction and guidance. A pastor is not a monk he is a follower who leads other followers. He is flawed for sure but he must not let his flaws disqualify him from leading but must lead in such a way that he points beyond himself to Christ.

How many people follow you doesn’t make you a leader THAT someone is following you does. If you are a pastor you are a leader. You have a responsibility to lead well and to lead people to a closer walk with Christ.

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Guest Post: Thinking Big When Your Ministry Feels Small

I had the opportunity to write a guest post over on My post was about how to apply realistic principles and ask appropriate questions that will challenge the status quo. No matter what size your church is or how many kids come, I believe God wants you to be the best leader you can be so that you can communicate the gospel with as many people as possible.

Tony Kummer and his team do a great job putting out quality info to help Kids Pastors in churches of all shapes and sizes, and it’s all for free. Here’s a link to the article.