Group Kidmin Notes: Inside the mind of your volunteers

group kidmin conference 2012

Many of you may have come with questions like:
What do I need to do to get more volunteers?
What are some sure fire tried and true methods for keeping volunteers for the long term?
How do I get volunteers to come to my training meetings?

We all start in the wrong place. Sunday comes every week so we need to get things done so we are consumed by what and how that we neglect the most important question that is found deep within the minds of our volunteers. Why? Why do we do what we do? We may be wondering how to get something done, they are wondering why are we doing this?

Most people start with what how then why amazing companies start with why then how than what.

Why are you doing what you are doing?
If you can’t answer that for yourself you won’t be able to communicate that to your team.

Why do you need Volunteers?

  • To release gifts
  • To grow the church
  • To Trust Christ more than yourself.

Why do they need you? – We need to not just grow our volunteers wide we must grow them deep.

  • To grow them spiritually
  • To pour into them relationally
  • To thank them incessantly

When you go home this week –
How to focus on the why.

1. Be a better story finder and story teller –

2. Repeat the good – fix the bad (bad stories are funnier and travel faster but they KILL the why)

3. Say it, write it, chant it mime it

4. Pray and seek God for your why moment – don’t make up a why

5. Talk to your pastor find out his why.

6. The why should evoke emotions, in you and in them –  we avoid emotionalism but we need emotions because emotions are the containers that hold truth in a way that it can accessed in the future.

*VIDEO – “The best Job is the hardest job”

Whatever your why is. It MUST be found in the WHO and the who is Christ. Whatever you do never forget to bring what you do back to Jesus because if you leave this conference thinking you are going to try harder to be a better leader you will fail. Whatever your why is it will not be accomplished by you trying harder but by you trusting deeper.

Free Bible Lesson: JOB

Book of Job

Book of Suffering.

(Why do bad things Happen?)
Key Point – No mater what God is good.
Memory Verse – Job 1:21 “…The Lord alone gives and takes, Praise the name of the Lord.”

Skit – Boy has bad attitude because he had a bad day at school – Have a child go to school and kids pick on him, he gets an F on a test, he forgot his lunch he goes home and is very upset. Parents explain that he must respond right no matter what. If we respond right God will bless us. Even if bad things happen God is still good.

Skit – I am a Christian nothing bad will ever happen to me! – An adult goes to work thanking God that he is never going to have a bad day ever again because he is a Christian. He walks to work sets up his desk one by one people come tell him bad news he gets more and more upset until he breaks down and a co-worker comes over and asks him if everything is ok. He says that he is very confused because he is a Christian he thought that bad things could no longer happen to you. His co-worker explains that just because you become a Christian doesn’t automatically mean that you will no longer have a bad day it means that you have someone to help you when you do have a bad day, someone who loves you no matter what.

Object Lesson – Superstitions – How many people believe that a horse shoe or a rabbit foot will give you good luck and will cause good things to happen to you? As Christians we need to put our trust not in things but in God. If you were ever in a tight spot you needed some help how many would say Mr. Horseshoe Mrs. Rabbit foot can you help me. We could ask but there is nothing that they could do to help us. We know, because the Bible tells us, that God is in control of everything that happens to us our lives they are not run by luck.– Even when bad things happen God is still good.

Object Lesson – What to do with lemons – Make lemon aid – When things don’t go your way they sometimes seem sour you can do one of two things you can either have a sad sour face or you can make lemon-aid. How we respond determines how other see us. Have you ever eaten a raw lemon it is very sour and not many people like it but if you respond to God he will make lemon-aid out of you lemon situation and you will be refreshing to all those around you. Even when bad things happen God is still good.

Puppet – Why does God let bad things happen? MC explains that we don’t know everything but what we do know is that God is good and his mercy endures forever. There will be things that happen that we may never understand but the only thing that will never change is that God is good no matter what.

Bible story – Tell the story of Job how he was very rich – lost everything – didn’t blame God – and was blessed even greater.

This is Such an important lesson for our kids ever kid will at some point wonder why God allows bad things to happen. How we answer that question is huge because in the framework we build based on the question they are asking will determine their view of God and faith for most of their lives.

  1. Bad things happen to good people – In the story of Job the bible tells us that Job was an extremely righteous man. He was good and yet lots of bad things happened.
  2. WHAT happens to us we can’t control HOW we respond to our circumstance we have TOTAL control over. –  When we go through a hard time we can either blame God or Trust God, it’s our choice.
  3. Job lost everything but God never left him. Hard situations grow our faith. Faith is simply knowing God loves us and because he loves us we can trust him.
  4. In the end Job trusted God and responded right and he was blessed because of it. – When we respond right we will always be blessed.

In Job’s life he did nothing wrong yet lots of bad things happened. Job didn’t give up but trusted God more even when his friends told him God didn’t love him and he should give up Job didn’t he trusted God. When you go through a tough time, if it’s kids picking on you at school, or maybe your parents are splitting up. Perhaps you and your brother fought a lot this week, or maybe your favorite pet died. What can you do about it. Well often times when bad things happen to us we don’t always have the power to stop them, just like Job. His animals died his house fell down, he got sick all of those things he couldn’t stop and didn’t have the power to fix. We don’t always have the power to change our situation but we always have the power to respond right. To have a good attitude and to trust God rather than blame him. I want to challenge you when bad things happen in life press into God don’t push Him away.


Activity – Have a band-aid ask the kids if they have ever needed a band-aid before? Then explain how bandaids don’t keep bad things from happening but they do help us heal.


  1. Has anything bad ever happened to you?
  2. What do you do when you are sad?
  3. If people around you tell you to stop going to church or stop loving God what would you say?
  4. What did Job lose in this story?
  5. Did Job blame God for his problems?
  6. What is the biggest problem you have ever faced?
  7. What did you do?
  8. Have you ever thought that God doesn’t love you?
  9. Who do you talk to when you are having a bad day?
  10. What happened to Job in the end?