How can the church use Google+

Well Google+ is now all the rage. I thought I would talk a bit about the good the bad and the ugly and how google+ could effect the church world. But first the Good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good.

– Overall I like it quite a bit. I feel they took the good of facebook (did I just type that) and the good of twitter and made space for themselves.
– The interface is clean I like that.
– Sharing what you want with who you want is drop dead simple. I HATE FACEBOOK when it comes to groups, fanpages, people all that each thing does one part of who what you want but none of them do all of what you want. I love how simple Google+ is to share what you want with who you want.
– I think the amount of people joining and the type of people joining are both pointing to a much more viable product than WAVE (dislike).
– Circles also let you control how much info you get in your stream love that.
– Group video chat for FREE – Yeah that’s right skpersoft free group chat.
– You can edit your comments for typo’s which if you read my blog for more than one post you realize I need.

The Bad

– Google owns it – All they need to know completely everything about you such as how many pets you own, your relationship status and the regularity of your bowl movements they now will know with a viable Social network.
–  FB is still and will continue to be the Social network of choice for a long time.
– You can’t play farmville on this badboy….oh wait that should have been on the list above.
– Getting people to switch Social Networks is not easy. How do I know? I was on facebook by myself when Myspace was “awesome”

The Ugly

– There is no option to nest comments like you can on a blog.
– I can’t find a secure way to update twitter and or facebook from Google+
– I am concerned with what they will do to make money with Google+ in the future.

How can the church use Google+ ?

– Connecting information to various groups from one account would be drop dead simple
– Multi-site video meetings via Huddles
– Communicating with parents sharing pictures of kids at events would be much more secure
– The mobile app is already better than FB’s – So uploading pictures on the fly from your phone at camp or an event would be  much easier with plus than FB.
– Google has a whole sweet of office products this would be a great interoffice communication tool.